Beef Snacks

What Are The Benefits Of Beef Snacks?

The beef snacks section at TPW™ Towers is quite possibly the most visited. This is because it often doesn’t matter what training plan you’re following or what nutrition plan you’ve chosen, adding a great tasting, high protein snack that is low in both carbs and fat to your monthly order is never a bad thing. This is why the TPW™ Nutritionists spent so long sourcing the finest Biltong and Beef Jerky on the market. Each pack is made from 350g of prime selected beef and contains a massive 27g of quality protein and delivers a complete amino profile to the body. This not only helps the muscles repair and regrow (making it ideal for strength athletes) but it also helps curb cravings with a snack that contains virtually zero carbohydrates and is very low in fat and calories.

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