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Our Vegan Meal Replacement Shakes are something we are extremely proud of, you know that friend that always boasts about something they did 20 years ago? That’s our Nutritional Wizards right about now, with a cheeky grin and full on swagger, they strut down the hallways at TPW Towers.

We don’t want to stroke their egos anymore, trust us, however, the truth is they should be immensely proud of creating a product that is so nutritionally unrivalled, so fantastic in taste and derived from 100% natural products.

Our Vegan Meal Replacement is currently unbeaten in the Vegan Market, many have tried, but simply fail to compete with its incredible taste and it’s unmatched nutrient and vitamin profiles - it takes from our amazing vegan protein and rounds it out to be a perfect meal replacement shake.

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    92% RATING


    Vegan Meal Replacement is high in protein and nutrient dense. It's a meal replacement shake designed to contribute to weight loss. At only 221 calories per shake and packed with 18.6 of protein from 5 different sources. Our shake will increase the feeling of fullness but keep your calories low in the process. Stereotypes of vegan diets being protein and vitamin deficient are a thing of a past. It's Fortified with our full vitamin and mineral blend (notably calcium, potassium, zinc and of course Vitamin B12). Topped off with 100% premium, taste-bud-busting flavours.

    NOW 53% OFF!
    Code: TPW53

    NOW 53% OFF

    Code: TPW53

    From £19.99
    From £19.99
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