We all know that nutrition alone will not get us in shape the trio of Nutrition, Excercise and Rest all required elements to any fitness goal.

Let’s face it – Dieting is hard! And counting your daily Calorie/Macronutrients can become obsessive!I faced this same challenge whilst trying to lose fat and get in shape. This recipe has being an extremely vital tool that has given me the energy and nutrition I needed, whilst being dense in carbs, healthy fats, protein, fibre, vitamins and minerals.

I am a busy guy so make 3 servings at a time and always have a serving for breakfast and sometimes lunch. I make each batch at night and leave in the fridge so the ingredients absorb the liquid almond milk to become a true Bircher.

As you can see from my results in 4 weeks, which you can follow on instagram @creodesign, i have had fantastic success using this along with the P90x3 workouts. I hope you enjoy this recipe and it gives you the same satisfaction that I get.


Chris 🙂

Results in 4 Weeks eating the protein bircher for breakfast and lunch

Yum-Yum! don't let the colour fool ya! This is packed full of nutrition and chocolatey flavour!

Diet Protein Bircher – Add all ingredients in a bowl, stir together and leave in your fridge over-night….then enjoy at breakfast, lunch…whenever hunger strikes!




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