Whether you are a competitive bodybuilder, athlete or weekend warrior we’ve all spent time pursueing the elusive six-pack. After all, a defined six-pack is the visible recognition that all those hours in the gym and eating clean are paying off. But how do you get a six-pack? Whatever the reason, through a little bit of hard work, a six-pack is in reach. Read on for the ultimate guide on how to get a six pack.

The Six-Pack Diet

We’ve all heard the old cliche that six-packs are made in the kitchen. Afterall, it’s no good slaving away in the gym if a poor diet is holding you back and keeping the elusive six-pack abs hidden under a layer of fat. When planning your six-pack diet, the key message is always to eat ‘clean’. This involves manipulating diet and fine tuning depending on the individual. While dieting, keep protein intake high so that your body has plenty of nutrients to work with to sculpt that six-pack from. Avoid processed snacks and instead try snacking on nuts and seeds.

To achieve a six-pack and reveal your abs in time for beach season, time your carbohydrate intake around your training. In order to keep our bodies in ‘fat burning mode’, we must minimise the insulin spikes (and subsequent fat storage) caused by carbohydrate consumption by controlling daily carbohydrate intake. However, after resistance training our muscles are highly sensitive to insulin, providing a perfect environment in which carbs ingested will be used to replenish glycogen stores and stimulate muscle protein synthesis instead of triggering fat storage. Restrict your carbs to those with a low glycaemic index as these help to regulate your blood-sugar levels, which will counteract feelings of hunger and stop your body storing large reserves of fat.

Six-Pack Exercises

To get that elusive six-pack, variety in your training is key. Varying your exercises will keep your muscles stimulated so make sure you include a mix of cardio work and direct abdominal training in your plan. Running and cycling are both great ways of burning fat and lowering your body fat to allow your six-pack abs to become visible. Next, train your abdominal muscles directly. Train with moderate weight through a variety of exercises and the bigger the abdominal muscles the more it will show when body fat is low. Here’s our guide to the top exercises to get a six pack:

  • Cardio – Semi-fasted and High Intensity Interval Training both research backed to help you burn fat
  • ‘The Plank’ – Classic core stability achieves around 20% greater abdominal activation than the standard crunch
  • Crunches – The classic ‘sit-up’ variation move for targeting your upper abs should be a training routine staple
  • Overhead Squats – Compound exercise with a high metabolic output and calorie burning ability

What Should Be in Your Supplement Cupboard?

While diet and training will play integral parts in revealing you abs, making the correct supplement choices can make all the difference to getting you ready for the beach. Here’s the SIX PACK SUPPLEMENT ESSENTIALS GUIDE to help you reap the rewards of with the six pack you’ve been training hard for. Check it out below:

  • Diet Whey Isolate  – The purest whey protein isolate, renowned for having the highest protein content and lowest carbohydrate and fat content of any protein in sports nutrition today and it is designed specifically for anyone wanting to lower their body fat or lose weight.
  • Thermopro – A scientifically advanced formula, developed using cutting-edge, researched natural ingredients. It is packed with proven dosages of active ingredients known to assist fat loss making it popular as a pre-workout and cutting aid.
  • CLA – A premium source of highly concentrated CLA, derived naturally from safflowers and shown to support fat loss whilst, at the same time helping to improve muscular tone and lean muscle. CLA is one of the world’s most popular and widely used fat loss supplements.
  • Super Greens – Super Greens is an extremely potent superfood greens powder, packed full of 23 of the world’s most nutrient dense food sources. Super Greens powder is so nutrient dense, a single serving equates to FIVE portions of fruit and vegetables.


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