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The finest quality day time supplements

We know at THE PROTEIN WORKS™ that your daytime nutrition is just as important as the time you spend in the gym. This is because daytime nutrition can either be used to help the muscles recover from exercise or can be used to fuel your muscles for the workout ahead. That’s why we have a range of supplements designed to be taken during the day, so you can decide which one best suits your nutritional needs and fitness goals.

Studies have shown that people who train require more nutrients than those who don’t. Yet sometimes it can prove difficult to consume the quality nutrition you need during the day because for example it’s not convenient to cook or eat a meal whilst at work or travelling. We understand this at THE PROTEIN WORKS™ and so have developed a range of convenient, nutrient dense foods to help. This includes multi-sourced protein blends to serve as effective meal replacement shakes and slow releasing and fast releasing carbohydrates to act as convenient sources of fuel.

Also we understand that elite endurance athletes and bodybuilders may just require additional supplement support to meet their elevated nutritional needs. For bodybuilders this may include more protein to help support their muscles. For endurance athletes this may include more carbohydrates during a carb loading phase before a big competition. Whatever the reason, we aim to offer not only the finest quality sports nutrition but also the most convenient sources too.

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