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When To Take Milk Protein

When To Take Milk Protein

Milk protein is a potent form of protein that provides a sustained source of amino acids to the muscles for the longest period of any type of protein.  The high protein content and rich amino acid profile of Milk Protein makes it an ideal choice for whenever immediate protein is required by the body.  In this article we look into when Milk Protein should be taken for optimum benefits and what makes Milk Protein such an important part of a complete nutritional strategy.

Milk Protein and Muscle Recovery

When to Take Milk ProteinWhilst most proteins enjoy popularity for how rapidly they can be absorbed into the body, Milk Protein offers benefits through the complete opposite.  Its unique qualities make Milk Protein the supplement of choice for in-between meals and before bed.  Milk Proteinalso shouldnt be overlooked as an ingredient in your post workout drink.

Milk Protein is often dismissed by some as “not as effective” as its big brother, Whey Protein.  Whilst Whey Protein is rapidly digested and ideal immediately after your workout, this absorption rate makes the very same protein flawed for periods where the body will be without food.  The body needs something that will be gradually absorbed over a period of hours to use for protein synthesis and prevent muscle tissue breakdown. This is where Milk Protein comes in.  Milk Protein is a slow releasing protein that takes 3-4 hours to reach peak levels in the blood amino acids and protein synthesis and around 7 hours to be fully absorbed.

Although generally thought of as a night-time protein, Milk Protein has also been proven to have a symbiotic relationship with Whey Protein.  In a study when Milk Protein was mixed with Whey protein, it was shown to increase muscle protein synthesis for a considerably longer time than Whey Protein alone.

Milk Protein at Night

At night, there is an increase in metabolic activity as the body tries to repair itself from the trauma of training.  Without protein, the body is more likely to breakdown muscle tissue rather than repair it.  Milk protein continuously absorbs into the bloodstream to prevent you losing any of your hard-earned muscle tissue.  This is the best time to take Milk Proteinas it is ideally suited to  periods when the body will not get any calories in.

Milk Protein Post Workout

As discussed, Milk Protein should be added to your Whey based drink to increase the amount and duration of muscle protein synthesis.  Once your post workout Whey protein has been fully absorbed, Milk Protein will also continually deliver amino acids to the muscles that are repairing.  This would prevent any potential muscle tissue breakdown and promote the building of muscle tissue.

Milk Protein In-Between Meals

Milk Protein could be added to your protein drinks in between meals to maximise their effectiveness.  A quickly digested protein combined with a long acting one covers both bases needed for muscular development and growth; it maximises protein synthesis and minimises any potential muscle tissue breakdown at the same time.

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