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When To Take Hydrolysed Whey Protein

When To Take Hydrolysed Whey Protein

Hydrolysed whey protein is a potent form of whey protein. Hydrolysed whey protein delivers more ‘useable’ proteins and amino acids to the muscles faster than any other type of protein. The high protein content and rich amino acid profile of Hydrolysed whey protein makes it an ideal choice for whenever immediate protein is required by the body. In this article we look into when hydrolysed whey protein should be taken for optimal benefits and what makes hydrolysed whey protein the preferred choice for athletes and bodybuilders for recovery.

Hydrolysed Whey Protein Post Workout

Understanding the mechanics of training and recovery are key to progression of training. Training itself produces huge stresses onto the working muscles, generating micro-trauma and micro tears. How the body re-builds these damaged tissues is determined uniquely by the training type you are putting your body through (hypertrophy, endurance, explosive power etc) but the building blocks remain the same. Proteins and amino acids. Training stresses the body and recovery is required. The optimum time to get the most amounts of useable proteins and aminos in is immediately after the period of stress (i.e. immediately after your workout) and the sooner the better. The body is in an anabolic state and attempts to ‘build up’ immediately after the stresses of training stop. During this window the body’s ability to uptake and use protein increases. This is the time to get good quality, useable protein such as hydrolysed whey protein into the body as quickly as possible.

Taking Hydrolysed Whey Protein Immediately Post Workout

Hydrolysed Whey Protein has a very high protein content. Hydrolysed whey protein differs from other proteins as it is made up of shorter pre-digested amino chains. hydrolysed whey protein is therefore absorbed faster than any other protein type. The body is getting high quality proteins and aminos and it can immediately shuttle them to where it needs them most. To maximise recovery hydrolysed whey protein could be combined with a carb blend to replace the stored muscle energy (glycogen) that will have been depleted during training. This will not only aid in the speed of recovery, but aid in muscular growth. A good quality, low sugar carbohydrate source should be used to avoid an insulin spike and maximise potential hypertrophy.

Studies have found that a mixture of carbohydrate and protein source rich in amino acids causes more of an increase in anabolism than food. In short, you are more likely to increase lean muscle growth through supplementation rather than food. If this anabolic state is promoted post exercise, then so is the potential for results. The quicker the proteins and amino acids are used, the better. Hydrolysed whey protein is the quickest way of getting these into the body.

Hydrolysed Whey Protein in The Morning

In terms of absorption, hydrolysed whey protein is proven to be the fastest to be used by the body. When you first wake up, your body is still trying to recover from training (sometimes days later) and you need to ‘break your fast’. The body has had no proteins in it to recover and rebuild with and is screaming out for them. Hydrolysed whey protein is absorbed the fastest making it the obvious choice to take when you get up. The protein and amino acids will get right to where they need to be and your body can get back to building the lean muscle tissue stronger and/or bigger than before.

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