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Protein bar technology had remained relatively unchanged for years, boring bland flavours and ter...

Protein bar technology had remained relatively unchanged for years, boring bland flavours and terrible textures, but then we stepped up to the Protein Bar World. Protein Works Development Team made it their mission to make Europe’s first protein bar made from whey isolate, with insane flavours, and of course that desires baked texture.

We often get asked, “How important are protein bars to a person’s diet?” Well, after months of research with our heads firmly fixed in Protein Bar-Based Nutritional Journals we say they can play a key role if you know how to wield their power. This is because way back in 1955 nutritionists published research in the British Journal of Nutrition that showed not all protein is created equal. Different sources have different biological values (BV) which means the body will process eggs and beef in a different way to how it will process whey protein and casein powder. Which is why each low carb snack you find in this range will be made from a variety. Since it’s not just the quantity of the protein you eat, it’s also the quality. This is based on research published in the The Journal of Sports Sciences that found, “A considerable amount of evidence during the past 15 years indicates that regular exercise does, in fact, increase protein needs."

There is quite literally no limit to what we can, and will, produce. Therefore if you’ve ever had an idea for a protein bar, but found no sports nutrition brand was able to make it happen then think again. Take to social media and let us know. We love talking to customers about sports nutrition and protein bar possibilities is one of our favourite topics.

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