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Oh yeah, that's right, it's here! Cinnamon Cereal Milk has landed and with it an awesome trip down memory lane awaits. Remember those days as a kid (or maybe even now!) when you get to that sweet moment... you've polished off your last piece of cereal, now its time to sip down that holy milk!?

We've all been there, sweet gulps of milk, infused with flavour, creating a heavenly smooth tastebud sensation - pure indulgence! Well, we've taken this tasty nostalgia and invented a protein shake flavour unlike any other.

Fresh outta the TPW Flavoury, our flavour obsessed wizards have created a smooth, silky and straight up cheeky range of protein shakes. Now we're seriously not exaggerating when we say, our brand new cinnamon cereal milk protein shakes are truly next level. Giving a not so subtle hint of warming cinnamon, from the first sip to the last, expect a tastebud hug!

First stocks are now live, so get yourself tucked into our OFFERS and grab yourself our freshest taste sensation in any of these 3 legends, Whey Protein 360 Extreme,Total Mass Matrix Extreme or Diet Whey Complex Extreme

“Absolutely love this, you guys have smashed it out the park with this one!.”


Pure Performance Multivitamin

Available in 3 of our biggest & best sellers

Whey Protein 360 Extreme

Setting a new gold standard in protein shake taste and efficacy, you won't find a better shake in sports nutrition today.

Total Mass Matrix Extreme

A treat for the gainers! A whopping 55g of Protein per Serving and 951 calories per serving, this is a true bulking must have, muscle building made easy.

Diet Whey Complex Extreme

The ultimate in weight loss shakes, with a whopping 22g of protein in every shake, it is perfect for anyone wanting to add a delicious and nutritious diet shake into their routine.

“Sooooo good! My new favourite, can't get enough of it.”


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Protein Muffins


Gooey, Delicious and Moreish

Mince Pies


For a special festive touch



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