Vegan Snacks


Our vegan snacks are packed with as much flavour as they are vitamins and minerals. Created after the huge success of our vegan protein powder, this particular range is where we proudly list our comprehensive collection vegan, superfood snacks.

At TPW™ we are passionately committed to offering the highest quality vegan snacks and supplements in the nutrition industry. Even more importantly we want to offer exceptional value for money to ensure eating healthy is available to anyone and everyone, regardless of their budget. With so many devoted vegans at TPW™ it was important this range was governed by the same strict ethos. From our chia seeds to our cashew butter we’re so proud of each and every one.

If you have an idea for a vegan snack that we don’t currently make we’d love to hear from you. We always say the doors to the Development Team are always open and this is especially true of all things concerning veganism.

    • Ridiculous Vegan Protein Bar
      Ridiculous Vegan Protein Bar

      “Nothing about this that isn’t ‘ridiculous’! Love the packaging, it was like a gift when the...Ash

    • Superfood Bites Lemon & Coconut
      Superfood Bites Lemon & Coconut

      “Bought a couple of bags of these and demolished them within days. So addictive. Just the ri...Joe

    • Superfood Bites - Cherry & Almond
      Superfood Bites - Cherry & Almond

      “These are absolutely delicious! Took everything to not eat the lot in one go.” - Scott

    • Superfood Bites - Banana & Cacao
      Superfood Bites - Banana & Cacao

      “The taste reminds me of the banana bread my mum used to make me as a kid!” - Ben

    • Superfood Bites - Peruvian Chocolate
      Superfood Bites - Peruvian Chocolate

      “I keep a stash of these under my desk, they are perfect as a quick pick me up.” - James

    • Superfood Bites - Strawberry & Raspberry
      Superfood Bites - Strawberry & Raspberry

      “Superfood Bites are so delicious and don't break the macro bank! Perfect for a quick, frien...Amy

    • Vegan Protein Pancake Mix
      Vegan Protein Pancake Mix

      “OMG yes! So easy to make and an absolute plant based treat to eat!” Keira

    • Zero Syrups™
      Zero Syrups™

      "Have Zero Syrups in almost everything, amazing taste, zero calories and no sugar!" - Debbie*

    • Only Peanuts
      Only Peanuts

      I bought the crunchy Peanut Butter and have to say it is fantastic, the tub was gone within...Mike