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The TPW Fat Loss Range

We are super proud of our fat loss range here at TPW™, with our collection packed full of premium flavours, low calorie formulas and fresh, protein bakery diet snacks.
Whatever you need to help you on your weight loss journey, we've got it all here for you.


The Diet Shake.

High protein whey shakes, plant-based vegan shakes, 30-day shake plans and much more, when it comes to diet shakes, TPW is proud to have the highest quality and best tasting formulas on the market. All of our diet shakes are low in fat, sugar, calories and carbs and ultra high in protein whilst also boasting an epic list of premium flavours to go with them!

Check out of range of diet shakes below. But take note, when it comes to great tasting, weight loss shakes, we're just getting started...

The Diet Snack.

Having our very own on-site Protein Bakery here at TPW, it's pretty obvious that we're going to have the freshest, best-tasting, hand-crafted diet snacks around. What’s more… we do it at 100mph! On the go! Producing snacks catered for even the most active lifestyles. Basically redefining health, fitness and nutrition is what we do. Faster and better than anyone else. But don't take our word for it, take a look our best-selling diet snacks and see for yourself.

We've got something for everyone. Diet Protein Truffles, high Protein Brownies, delicious Superfood Bites and zero calorie Syrups... and that's just the beginning!


Train Less, Burn More Fat!

Read below to see how at TPW™ Towers we think completely outside the (lunch) box and squat rack when it comes to food and fitness!

Sprint, rest, repeat. It may be the one of the simplest training routines in the world, but science shows it could also be the most effective. High Intensity Interval Training (HIIT) typically involves exercising at a frenetic pace for 20 to 90 seconds followed by a period of low intensity training or complete rest which lasts 20 to 120 seconds. You then repeat this for a total of 10 to 20 minutes using your weapon of choice ­– whether that’s a bike, a treadmill or just on your lonesome up and down a hill. Here’s why…

You’ll burn more fat in less time. See, HIIT shot to fame in 1994 when scientists from Laval University in Québec, Canada, compared a 15-week high-intensity interval-training program to a 20-week endurance-training programme. After taking muscle biopsies and body fat measurements they found the HIIT program was more effective at stoking up the body’s metabolism, which resulted in greater fat loss. Put simply, HIIT burns more fat in less time. Cancel the marathon.

It burns through junk. Seriously, once you’ve completed a brutal HIIT workout, you can eat whatever you want and your souped up metabolism will decimate it. No, really. Research published in the Journal of Applied Physiology found your body’s ability to absorb, store and assimilate carbohydrates — even sugar-ridden ones — is vastly improved after a HIITsession. Making you less prone to storing them as fat. HIIT now, hamburgers later. Sample Workouts Here...


Our Top Fat Loss Picks

Check out our top picks for your fat loss goals below

The Fat Loss Recipe Hub

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Chia Seed Puddings

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Low Fat Ice Cream

Low Fat Ice-Cream

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the dream ice-cream!

Protein Pancakes

Zero Syrup Pancakes

Protein pancakes topped with
zero calorie, sugar & fat syrup!.

Detox Smoothies

Detox Smoothies

The perfect high protein
detoxifying smoothies.


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