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Marathon number 2 of the 30 marathons in 30 days was fueled by Protein Pancakes!
Often served as a nutrient-dense breakfast or indulgent dessert, this particular recipe was modified to provide a dual-fuel for the 26.2 miles.
These pancakes are packed with protein but filled with tasty, sweet, chocolatey goodness. What's not to love?



+ 2 scoops Banoffee Pie Whey Protein 360

+ 1 large banana

+ dash of milk

+ 6 eggs

+ Rawtella

+ tbsp of Coconut Chips

+ Zero Syrups (any flavour)

+ Coconut Oil

How to make

With these pancakes, we have made it super simple so you can whip them up in minutes!

1 Place protein powder, eggs, milk and banana in a mixer and blend until smooth

2 Place 1 tsp of coconut oil in a pan and heat up.

3 Pour the pancake batter in smal circles into the pan, cook on either side for 30 seconds.

4 When serving, cover in Rawtella, drizzle over some Zero Syrups and sprinkle with coconut chips.

5 If you want something extra sweet, put a few of your favourite sweet treats on top too.

Marathon Review

+ Marathon Time: 2 Hours 58 Minutes (faster than Protein Porridge)

+ It's believed the Carbohydrate:Fat "Dual-Fuel" was responsible for the improvement

+ The fat energy source came from Rawtella and Coconut Oil

+ The carbohydrate energy source came from the banana and oats

+ Ross' Conclusion, "Research published in the Current Sports Medicine Reports states, “The number of gruelling events that challenge the limits of human endurance is increasing. Such events are also challenging the limits of current dietary recommendations.” The authors then add that traditionally high carbohydrate diets have been favoured but, “there are some situations for which alternative dietary options are beneficial.” These circumstances are best described in the nutritional journal entitled, “Human Muscle Fatigue: Physiological Mechanisms.” Researchers from the Department of Biochemistry at the University of Oxford stated that the energy needed to sustain exercise for a long period of time comes from the oxidisation of two fuels. Namely glucose and long-chain fatty acids (fats and carbohydrates). Interestingly they state that the latter is a more sustainable fuel source and provides the, “largest energy reserve in the body” that can provide enough energy to last about five days. In contrast muscle glycogen reserves are limited and at most could provide energy to sustain 100 minutes of exercise. It's this theory that governed Marathon Number 2."

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