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Fat: For Dual Fuel

The first rule of this article says that, “Traditional sports science states carbohydrates are our body’s primary fuel source.” For many this is true. But research published by Nutrition Focus New Zealand Limited offers an alternative point of view and encourages us to harness the power of dietary fat for those longer endurance-based events.

They start by saying, "The number of grueling events that challenge the limits of human endurance is increasing. Such events are also challenging the limits of current dietary recommendations (solely relying on carbohydrates).” They continue to add, whilst many have favored carb-loading before training or competing for years, "There are some situations for which alternative dietary options (adding fat to the diet) are beneficial." Some of these “situations” could come in the form of a 2 hour+ trek around the countryside, a long swim in the sea or a giant Sunday session on the bike. Basically any form of activity where having energy from two fuels sources (carbohydrates and fats) could be a huge benefit this dual-fuel approach to nutrition might be a good idea to try.


Why? Because researchers from the Centre for Human Nutrition at the University of Colorado claim, “Glycogen (carbohydrate) storage capacity is approximately 15 g/kg body weight.” To use another sporting example, this means a small footballer weighing 67kg would only be able to store 1,005 grams of carbohydrates at the very most. Meaning they could rapidly “burn” through that amount during a fast-paced 90 minute match that heads into extra time.

Put simply, longer endurance-based events could benefit from fat. Which is exactly why my 24 hours of sport will be fueled with MCT Powder, Peanut Butter Luxe (toffee crunch for those wondering since it’s hands down my favorite flavor), Coconut Oil and Rawtella.



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