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Weight Gainer protein shakes from THE PROTEIN WORKS™ are renowned for being incredibly nutrient dense as well as calorie dense. What’s left is a collection of scientifically formulated Weight Gainer formulas that support even the most gruelling of strength-based training routines. This is very different to most other weight gainer shakes on the market which are loaded with cheap calories which then sacrifices its nutrient profile. At TPW™ we do things very different.

This is because we understand that to increase muscle mass it’s not as simple as consuming a huge surplus of calories. Yes, you may build muscle but you will also put on unwanted fat too. This is why every single formula in the TPW™ Weight Gainer section has been nutritionally created. Not to solely increase unwanted ‘bulk’ but with a goal to create a formula that supports your lean muscle goals.

Notable ingredients like medium chain triglyceride powder is used. A very recent innovation in the sports nutrition market many athletes have been using MCT powder as a way of moving up weight categories in strength based sports. This is why this along with our premium grade creatine, whey protein and multi-carb dense blends have been blended together to form some absolute gems in the TPW™ crown.

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    Total Mass Matrix Extreme


    Total Mass Matrix Extreme is the most calorie and nutrient dense weight gain formula to leave the TPW™ Laboratory. Containing a tri-protein blend that delivers over 65g of protein and over 1,000 calories per serving, Total Mass Matrix Extreme is designed to contribute to a growth in muscle mass.

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