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Contact UsAt TPW™ we are well aware how important it is that you get some serious bang for your buck. That's why every product we sell comes with our assurance of unbeatable value for money. Our products are the very best out there in the market today. We are more than happy for our products to be independently tested for protein content, pureness, taste and anything else. Similarly, our quality of service is what you would expect from a high-end, premium brand. We prefer to let our customers be the voice of whether we are doing the right things or not, so please take a look at what they say on forums and review sites.

We will always cut our costs to the bone, but never the quality. So you can rest assured that our prices are very low on everything we sell from amino acids to whey protein powders. The end result is unbeatable value for money for your hard earned cash guaranteed. Below are some of the ways we help you save money when you shop at THE PROTEIN WORKS™.


Free Scoop In Every Powder Product

Some brands out there today set their prices falsely low and then use claims like "the cheapest prices in the UK!". We would urge you first and foremost to demand full disclosure of the product's contents and whether they are using artificial colours and flavours. Compromising the quality of one of our sports supplements to be able to claim its cheap as chips is not something we would ever do. We will always be open and transparent in what goes into our products and only use the very finest ingredients from TPW™ accredited suppliers.

The second thing we would suggest you do is find out if a scoop is included in the order as some brands don't include one and expect you to pay extra for it. At THE PROTEIN WORKS™, we believe in doing things the right way. If you order a sports nutrition powder from us, we'll include a scoop free of charge. No shouting about it, just a given.

We also urge you to check their delivery charges and any other "hidden" costs so you can get a more realistic idea of what you are getting and what you are paying.

Full information on the TPW™ Scoops can be found here.


Tpw™ Loyalty Points

We really appreciate the support we get from our customers and our market-leading loyalty points programme is one way for us to give you a bit of payback. With our loyalty points programme, there are several different ways to earn TPW™ Points to use as discount off your future orders. Your points are saved in your account and you can redeem them at checkout whenever you want against an order. The more you spend with us, the more you recommend us to others, the more you save. And with our programme, you can make some serious savings. Please make sure you read our terms and conditions related to TPW™ Points including points 12 months validity. Just take a look at the ways to earn below.


Purchase Points

The most popular way to earn TPW™ Points is simply buy from us! We drop 1 point into your account for every pound you spend with us, and each point equates to one pence. The points to be credited on your current order will be displayed at checkout. If you shop from us regularly it won't be long before you'll have enough points to grab some free protein or maybe try out one of our brand new products that we launch at regular intervals. We also run promotions from time to time that increase the number of points you can earn so keep an eye out for these and make sure you are signed up to the TPW™ Newsletter. You can do this in the MyAccount section when you login.

£1 1


For more information on how to check, redeem and earn TPW™ Points, visit our Frequently Asked Questions.


Referral Points

The fastest way to earn TPW™ Points is to recommend your friends to give us a try. This is where it gets really interesting because every time someone you recommends places their first order with us, we credit your account with £10. No one else rewards their customers like TPW™ and we do it because we believe in recognising your support above anything else. If we do the maths, you only have to recommend four mates and you have a cool £20 credit sitting in your account just shouting to be used!

That's not all. Each friend you recommend will receive 250g of our premium Whey Protein 80 in whichever flavour they prefer absolutely FREE when they place their first order. It really doesn't get much better than this. A fiver for you and free protein for your mate. Job done!

When You Recommend a Friend...When Your Friend Buys...


It's important to remember that this can only happen when friends you recommend use your TPW™ Code at registration. We cannot post-credit anyone who doesn't use your TPW™ Code at the point of purchase.


Top Tips On How To Accelerate Your Referral Points

  • You can find your unique TPW™ Code in MyAccount when you login
  • Make sure you memorise your TPW™ Code off as you never know when you just might need it
  • Post your TPW™ Code on the gym notice board offering free protein to anyone that uses your code
  • Email all your mates using the Recommend a Friend feature in MyAccount
  • Post your code across any social media you use like Facebook, Twitter, Google+, etc
  • Include your TPW™ Code in your signature on any forums you use for everyone to see
  • Spread your TPW™ Code across the Net wherever you can find to get it viral

There Are A Few Things To Remember With Referral Points:

  • Please read the full Terms & Conditions related to the programme
  • Our referral programme is provided in good faith and any abuse of the system will not be tolerated.
  • We employ sophisticated validation technology and anyone found abusing the system in any way will be instantly banned from THE PROTEIN WORKS™.


Product Review Points

The easiest way to earn TPW™ Points is to write a product review. We prefer for our customers to be the judge on all our products, whether it's the good, the bad or the ugly. After purchasing and trying a TPW™ product, simply drop down to the bottom of the relevant product page and tell us what you think. Just remember you have to be logged in to leave a product review.

Every time you leave a published review, you will receive 10 TPW™ Points.



Within the MyAccount section when you log in, you can view a summary of your TPW™ Points including how many you have earned, redeemed and your overall balance. Please refer to our Frequently Asked Questions for more information on other areas of the MyAccounts section and Loyalty Points.


Tpw™ Lifetime Guarantee

We are so confident in the quality and efficacy of our products that we offer an unprecedented LIFETIME GUARANTEE across every product in our range. We know disappointments can occur from time to time, maybe down to individual taste or an intolerance to a specific ingredient. The important thing for us is that you are 100% satisfied with your TPW™ product and we'll do our best to make sure that happens.

For more information on the TPW™ Money Back Guarantee, please see our Got a Question section.


In-House Manufacture

Here at THE PROTEIN WORKS™ we tend to do things a bit different to other sports nutrition brands. Rather than outsource the manufacture of our products to a faceless third party manufacturer, we keep it all in-house. Every single sports nutrition powder formula we sell is produced at our own manufacturing facility right here at TPW™ HQ. While this requires a major investment and commitment from us to achieve this, it's the only way for us to operate for a number of reasons.


Why Do We Manufacture In-House?

Everyone has their own view on whether to outsource to third party manufacturers or product in-house. Most brands outsource because it's all about branding for them. For us, it's the complete opposite. For us, it's all about the products. Here are some reasons why we do everything in-house:

  • We love sports nutrition and nothing beats being able to innovate and try new ideas on a daily basis. Sometimes they work, sometimes they don't but we're always looking to push the boundaries of sports nutrition
  • We formulate all our products right here at TPW™ HQ and this means we can be much faster bringing new products to market as we don't have to organise things with a number of disparate third parties
  • We place the utmost importance on product quality and we wouldn't want to trust anyone else to manufacture our products. This way we can monitor quality levels all the way through from formulation to delivery to you
  • We can develop premium products that use the very best ingredients out there for a fraction of the price of that other premium sports nutrition brands have to charge. We simply don't have to pay third party costs, so we pass these on to you in low prices.
  • We can only offer unique industry features like Create Your Own Formula and New Product Requests through keeping everything in-house. It simply means we are more flexible and more innovative than anyone else out there.
  • While it might not make any difference to you on a personal level, it allows us to work with a high number of elite athletes and teams who demand exceptional nutrition and, in many cases, personalised for their players and athletes. 

We follow GMP process (Good Manufacturing Practice) within our manufacturing facility and regularly invite elite teams and nutritionists inside TPW™ to understand more about how we work.


Letterbox Friendly Pill Containers

Our unique letterbox friendly pill containers are just one of the many innovations you will find at THE PROTEIN WORKS™. Unlike all other sports nutrition brands who use standard bottles for their pills, capsules and softgels, we have invested in exclusive flat pill containers that stack efficiently on your desk or kitchen shelf. More importantly, they fit through a letterbox. So even if you're not at home when your TPW™ pill order arrives, you can be sure they'll be there waiting for you when you do. No more calling the courier company to try and rearrange delivery for another day when you still might not be there!

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