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Protein has been the subject of thousands of studies for hundreads of years. Based on the results it seems for good reason too. Found to improve everything from fat loss to healthy muscle and even boost immunity, getting enough protein in your diet is considered key to optimal health. But how do you make sure you're getting enough? What are the best sources? And what snacks can help? Here to answer all those questions, we’ve detailed the 5 best protein snacks in nutrition today and analysed exactly why they should form part of your diet.


Protein Cookies

Traditionally cookies aren’t considered a high-protein, healthy snack. But baked in the right way with the right ingredients and it is possible to produce a protein cookie that contains 37g of protein. Basically just like your mum used to make, but with additional health benefits.

Protein Granola

You'll struggle to find a cereal healthier than protein granola. A breakfast invented in New York by Dr. James Caleb Jackson (1963), it was served throughout health spas and is still popular today. Now that same recipe has been fused with whey protein to improve its nutritional profile.

Protein Truffles

Truffles can be healthy. This is a huge statement we know and also contrary to popular belief, but using the exact same cooking methods it is possible to blend whey into a protein truffle recipe and produce a high protein, dessert-like snack that can be enjoyed any time of the day.

Protein Brownies

Protein brownies can form part of your diet. How? It’s all in the bakery method used to make each one. If the high carbohydrate, high sugar ingredients are substituted for a quality source of whey protein it is possibly to create a daily snack that was previously seen as a dessert.

Protein Truffles

Protein Pancakes

By tailoring and tinkering a traditional pancake recipe it is possible to fit 30g of protein in a single serving. What’s left is a sweet or savoury protein pancake snack that can be eaten any time of the day, any time of the year.

Protein Truffles

Protein Truffles

Protein Truffles

Protein Truffles



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