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Pre-workout Pills are here to help you push through any hard workout. You've had a long day at work, and just don't feel like working out, or you just need a little boost of energy to see you through the day.

Protein Works have created new cutting-edge solutions, all in an easy to consume capsule, can't say we aren't the leaders of innovation, can you? Our all-round performance enhancing products will give you back that fire in the belly feeling, ready for you to push through any session you may have, with a variety of different formulas suited to every body type, you really can't go wrong. We offer basic caffeine pills to a powerful combination of ingredients that put any other fat burners to shame. Need a little more information? click on one of the beauties below to explore the hidden treasure that be. We know you won't be disappointed.

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  • Thermopro Burn Ultra

    "You can feel the difference within 30 minutes, these have supercharged my workouts." - Parker


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    +EXTRA 15% OFF

  • Thermopro Burn

    "These are perfect for a boost of energy when you need it most!" - Lottie


    +EXTRA 15% OFF

    +EXTRA 15% OFF