only the dedicated



2016 is set to be HUGE year at TPW™ Towers! We've expanded into Europe. You can now find us on the high street. Our bakery is churning out innovations at a rate of knots. Then to top it all off it's the Rio Olympics. Yes, it's fair to say this year is going to be BIG! But what's made this all possible is the TPW™ community. Without doubt the greatest fitness collective the industry has ever known. You!

Found in gyms the world over you run, you lift, you swim and you cycle. You come in all shapes and sizes and come from many different sports. But what bonds everyone is a love of sports nutrition and a commitment to health and fitness. You understand the importance of what goes in your supplement cupboard and in your shake. You are disciplined. Your are determined. You are #ONLYTHEDEDICATED.


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