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Our first ever TV advert has been four months in the making and involved at various points pretty much the entire TPW™ Team. Choosing a location, the crew to produce the ad, the players, the clothing, the story and so on. It's been a great journey and taken a lot of time and dedication to create something we're really proud of. To take a line from the ad itself, "At THE PROTEIN WORKS™, dedication means something completely different."



At a secret location in the Northwest of England, the crew assembled at 5am to start shooting. The Edge (otherwise known as Ross Edgley, otherwise known as TPW™'s Head of Social) left his day job back at TPW™ Towers and began what most of you will know all too well - an early morning run on a cold dark winter's day. Only this time the cameras were present and he was being told to do it again and again, until they got the exact shot they wanted.

Fast forward a few hours and inside the gym, you could cut the atmosphere with a protein scoop. TPW™ protein shakes were free-flowing, Raze™ Preworkout was being downed all over the show and we were ready to rumble. The team was ready to create TV Gold! Well maybe not quite, but with Ross smashing out endless reps and throwing some killer shapes and endless blue steel glances to the camera, we were doing ok.



Everything we do at TPW™ Towers must be innovative. It must push boundaries, ruffle feathers, make waves and shake up the status quo. When the rest of the industry delivers you standard whey protein, TPW™ creates award-winning whey protein, enriched with Aminogen® technology. When the rest of the industry delivers old skool protein bars, TPW™ creates the world’s first Protein Popcorn, Protein Brownies and Protein Truffles. The list goes on....

Which is exactly why our first ever National TV Campaign had to do exactly the same! Void of gratuitous bicep curls and sit-up variations, it only seemed right — in view of our #ONLYTHEDEDICATED mantra — to bust out a set of 20kg weighted, strict, ring muscle-ups for the final frame. A compound exercise that trains the body to be "fully connected" within its kinetic chain.

This is based on the work of Dr Arthur Steindler, one of the early pioneers of this theory, who stated a "kinetic chain" is a, “A combination of several successively arranged joints constituting a complex motor unit." Put simply, how all your joints and movements work together during certain movements. When we decided to make our first TV campaign it was unanimously agreed that it must be 100% authentic and true to timeless strength and conditioning principles. Just like every single product that has left TPW™ Towers since it was created in late 2012.



As we closed up after a long day in the saddle, we cracked open the Recovery Protein for the journey home and talked about what you guys would make of the new ad. Well fast forward to New Year and we're about to go live, so here's your chance. Take a sneak preview right now and then jump on social, or email us or even give us a call and tell us what you think. As always, the good, the bad and the ugly!


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