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2015 RECAP

Protein Truffles

THE PROTEIN WORKS™ had its birthday earlier this month. We hit the big three! I think they call us
a fast developer - in a very short space of time, we've punched a pretty big hole through the traditional, old skool fabric of sports nutrition. For sure, we've ruffled a few feathers and pulled up
a few trees, but I guess some people just don't like change. Well, we do!

2015 has been a very busy year at TPW™ Towers with a truck load of product innovations, awards and some major changes to our fledgling business. For instance, the TPW™ team has grown massively this year to help keep up with demand. All the new recruits have been carefully selected based on their talent and most importantly, passion for what we do. Many are current customers who were cheeky enough to ask for a job and who totally get what we're about. Rest assured, the future of TPW™ is in very safe hands.

It might be Christmas, but we've been thinking about 2016 for quite a while now and how we can
give you the best possible support to help smash your PBs and training in the New Year. Spreading
the TPW™ word is key for us to innovate faster, reduce prices further and make your overall
experience with us a different class.



Protein Truffles

We're kicking off the New Year with our first ever national TV campaign entitled "ONLY THE DEDICATED". In true keeping with the TPW™ ethos, we didn't pay big bucks for some random actor.
Our new ad features one of our own, Ross Edgley. The entire team here has been involved in the
new campaign and as always, we'd love to get your feedback. So watch out for it on the box and
get on social and tell us what you think.

The ad will be on your screens from December 28th and throughout January and you can preview it right now on our website, and even get a glimpse behind the scenes of the shoot, at the making of ONLY THE DEDICATED. It's not quite Hollywood, but then that wouldn't be TPW™.

Check out our full TV ad here!

There's never been a better time to dust off your TPW™ Referral Code and share it out with your gym buddies, work colleagues, family and friends. You'll make a killing on free supps and see your rep
go through the roof. We've got loads more to share with you over the next few days and weeks, so
keep an eye on your inbox and another on our site.



Finally, we'd like to say an epic thank you from everyone here at TPW™ Towers for your loyalty in 2015. That's absolutely everyone from Lisa in the warehouse, who makes sure your order gets despatched ahead of time, to Pete the cleaner who keeps us all smiling. Whether you tried us for the first time or you're a long-termer, we're eternally grateful for having you on the team. Best wishes for 2016 and good luck with your training. #ONLYTHEDEDICATED


Mark, Nick & Karl

TPW™ Founders


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