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Not every Vegan Supplement is made equally. At Protein Works, we spend hours, days and months researching and looking at every tiny detail to achieve the ultimate Vegan Supplements range for you. One of our latest creation is Vegan Vitamin B12 Supplement

Vegan supplements are essential for replacing the vitamins and minerals which can only be consumed naturally through non-vegan products. From our world class Vegan Omega 3:6:9, to our Vegan BCAA's ,the ethos of providing the best in Vegan Nutrition sings through every tablet and provides you with a winning formula to reach your fitness goals.

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  1. Vegan Vitamin B12
    Vegan Vitamin B12
    Rating: 100%
    100% of 100
    “Great supplement, simple way to maintain my levels of Vitamin B12!” Grace
    was from £5.49 from £4.83
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  2. BCAA Capsules
    BCAA Ultra
    Rating: 94%
    94% of 100
    "Nobody who trains should be without this stuff - You feel good taking BCAA. Helps lose fat...Carl
    was from £15.99 from £14.89
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  3. Vegan Omega 3:6:9
    Vegan Omega 3:6:9
    Rating: 100%
    100% of 100
    “I won’t use any other vegan omega 3 supplement based on the nutritional profile of Ahiflow...Alex
    was from £17.99 from £14.90
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