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TPW™ Festival Tips

Protein Food | Top Tips | Festival Workouts


Festival Top Tips

How To Survive A Festival... Tpw™ Style!


Stay Hydrated

Our number one tip is keep drinking water. Although you will be enjoying the sun, listening to your favourite band and sipping on delicious cocktails, staying hydrated is very important. (And will also help you out the morning after!)



Before you arrive, ensure you get the best spot in the area. Close to water supplies and somewhere you can get a good sleep when the music is playing throughout the night. A stunt in training and dieting progress can often be down to lack of sleep, so this top tip is a simple and easy way to keep your progress on track.


Remember Breakfast

That's right, breakfast is often over-looked during festival season, but this is what will set you up for the day. A tasty and nutritious breakfast will fill the whole you missed whilst you were partying away at 2am, and may also stop you from reaching for that chocolate bar mid-morning. Our Breakfast Bircher Pots are perfect for fuelling your morning, they are in a small, convenient pot and all you need is water to add!




The 10 Minute Festival Workout

We know you'll be partying away and ready to hit the festival activities as soon as you awaken, so we've come up with a quick, 10 minute burner that you won't even have to leave your tent for!

+ 35 sit-ups

+ 30 second plank hold

+ 25 push ups

+ 1 minute plank hold

+ 40 sit ups

+ 1 minute 15 second plank hold

+ 35 push ups

+ 30 squats



TPW™ Festival Food

Vegan Protein

Protein Brownies

+ A luxurious, high protein snack fresh out of the TPW™ Protein Bakery.

+ Low in sugar and low in fat and 11g of protein per brownie.

+ All individually wrapped so they are perfect to pack in your festival bag.






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