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PURE & NATURAL award-winning nutrition
200 NUTRITION INNOVATIONS to keep you smashing it
OVER 4 MILLION social reach and climbing
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At TPW™ we’re on a mission to help our crew get leaner, fitter & stronger by fuelling your days with protein powered goodness. In doing so
we kind of love that we’ve bagged ourselves a nick name amongst our customers… they call us ‘the best kept secret
in nutrition’ … we call them our ‘Tribe’.


The Active Collection includes 5 different shakes for you to choose from, including Muscle Protein, Skinny Protein, Vitamin Protein, Protein Energy and Mealtime Protein. With our brand new collection, we believe we have created the ultimate range, with everything you need to kick start your healthy lifestyle...

Our Active Collection includes everything from high protein muscle blends, to low sugar and diet shakes, all you need to do is pick the right shake for your goal then pick your flavour and you’re ready to start your 30 day plan. Each one of our active shakes comes as a convenient, easy to follow plan that fits in with your hectic lifestyle. Plus buy one today and get our TPW™ Mini Fitness Guide, usually £19.99, completely free!


Eat. Sleep. Shake. Repeat.

We let our customers do the bragging for us when it comes to our Protein Shakes. They recently voted it Best Protein at the FSN Awards & with 100% all natural flavours and colours, low sugar, low carb and a protein content to rival even the finest free range eggs or chickens we’re pretty happy to take their word for it!


Mother. Daughter. Sister. Granddaughter. Wife. Girlfriend.

We know you smash all the roles you play. But getting the most out of the time you have for YOU isn’t easy, but nutrition can be – we are here to make it so.

Check out these Protein powered snacks that make it easy to ram those essential nutrients down as you run from one crazy hour to the next.


Yes you heard us correctly, check out how our sweet friend can help get us healthy!

If we told you that to lose fat, you should eat chocolate, you'd probably think we were mad. This is because the word, "chocolate" is frowned upon in certain nutritional circles.But recent studies show that the vilification of all chocolate is unjustified. In fact, certain types of chocolate could (and in fact should) feature in your diet. To many this will seem completely alien. But if you consider the fact chocolate is indeed a plant-based food that originates from the seed of a fruit, then it's probably less absurd. Cocoa bean studies show that raw cocoa is naturally high in flavanols (naturally occurring plant nutrients) and this is where the magic happens.

This is because researchers from the Department of Internal Medicine at the University of L'Aquila in Italy, found the flavanol content of dark chocolate improves our glucose metabolism. What this means is it improves a person's ability to absorb sugars and carbohydrates making them less prone to storing fat. So why does chocolate get such bad press? The answer lies in the manufacturing process since not all chocolate comes equipped with a magical cocoa supply. For instance, dark chocolate is typically quite high in cocoa and boasts a 70% to 85% content depending on the brand.

Whereas not surprisingly, caramel-layered, sugar-ridden variations don't come with quite the same health properties and should be included in the diet in moderation. This is because the additional sugar causes fat storage, cravings to occur and ultimately causes the wheels on our dieting wagon to completely fall off. Now we’re not suggesting that you should run for hills every time a packet of chocolate biscuits is opened. But just know--contrary to popular belief--not all chocolate is evil. Read more...

Protein Water


Our Super Greens pack in your 5
a day in one hit.

Protein Water


Check out this low carb, protein
powered collection.

Protein Water


Although it's all natural, there’s nothing
‘normal’ about these innovations.

Protein Water


Vegetarian, Vegan, Gluten Free – Pure
Protein is the way forward.

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