Energy Foods


Our Energy Foods have arrived with presence, attitude and of course flavour! It's time for you to stay energised for longer without loading your body with unwanted sugar and preservatives.

These 100% natural energy foods will have your tummy rumbling at the thought of snacking away and will give your body a boost of multi-vitamins, minerals, proteins, fibres...the list could go on but we would be here all day. From mouth-watering Almond Butter to Beef Jerky and Superfood Bites, all engineered to give you a quick energy boost or slow releasing carbohydrates depending on your goals. We have always had a passion to develop new ways to make your life easier when it comes to nutrition, and again TPW™ Gurus have been mixing away to create nutrient dense, protein-packed goodies, all available in resealable pouches or tubs, to make sure that they remain as fresh as they were from the first mouthful. Now we can see you licking your lips already, go on, scroll down and click on one of our energy foods to unlock unrivalled vitality.

    • Only Peanuts
      Only Peanuts

      I bought the crunchy Peanut Butter and have to say it is fantastic, the tub was gone within...Mike

    • Superfood Bites Lemon & Coconut
      Superfood Bites Lemon & Coconut

      “Bought a couple of bags of these and demolished them within days. So addictive. Just the ri...Joe

    • Superfood Bites - Cherry & Almond
      Superfood Bites - Cherry & Almond

      “These are absolutely delicious! Took everything to not eat the lot in one go.” - Scott

    • Superfood Bites - Banana & Cacao
      Superfood Bites - Banana & Cacao

      “The taste reminds me of the banana bread my mum used to make me as a kid!” - Ben

    • Superfood Bites - Peruvian Chocolate
      Superfood Bites - Peruvian Chocolate

      “I keep a stash of these under my desk, they are perfect as a quick pick me up.” - James

    • Superfood Bites - Strawberry & Raspberry
      Superfood Bites - Strawberry & Raspberry

      “Superfood Bites are so delicious and don't break the macro bank! Perfect for a quick, frien...Amy