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Man Vs (Marathon) Food

Ever wanted to know the best breakfast to fuel a marathon? Us too! Which is why forming part of our #MakeEpicChoices campaign our nutritional innovation guru Gareth Lane teamed up with our resident athlete adventurer Ross Edgley to crash test 30 breakfasts, over 30 days, during 30 marathons in an event we’re calling: Man Vs (Marathon) Food!

Plotted from deep within The Protein Bakery™ and taking place throughout January, Ross will test, trial and eat everything! From giant protein flapjacks to protein pancake stacks. All to help you understand which breakfast will serve as the best fuel for your 2017 fitness goals.



There’s been some crazy ideas dreamed up at TPW™ Towers! From lab-time to lunch-time, we’re constantly challenging the status quo of the industry. This is just what happens when you house the most creative team in sports nutrition under one roof.

Well 2017 is now upon us and it looks set to be no different! Mid-marathon and on a custom-made Bulldog Gear Treadmill fitted in the kitchen, Ross will test each breakfast beyond its calorie and nutritional content. Broadcast live on Facebook he will mark each breakfast on taste, texture, digestibility and more!

Which breakfast choice will come out on top? Tune in to find out!



Week One’s Epic Breakfast Choices

All the nutritionals, the recipes and the guidance to take a bite into the best breakfast choices that are fit to fuel marathons!
Check back next week for more new recipes and reviews!


Protein Water

Peanut Butter Porridge

Protein Water

Banoffee Protein Pancakes

Protein Water

Peanut + Cacao Smoothie

Protein Water

Vegan Protein Iced Coffee


Protein Water

Supergreen Protein Smoothie

Protein Water

Pear & Ginger Oats

Protein Water

Superfood Butter Cookies



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