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Helps & Tips

These terms and conditions govern your use of our Create Your Own formula feature. By using this feature you accept these terms and conditions in full. If you disagree with these terms and conditions or any part of these terms and conditions, you must not use this service.

For those who need a little guidance with Create Your Own, we thought we'd put together a few tips and pointers.


Things To Remember When Making Your Blend

    • Creating your own formula will not necessarily guarantee the same level of flavour as TPW™ formulated products due to the highly individual nature of the formula you create. If you are particular about the taste of your shake then we strongly advise you choose our highly rated TPW™ pre-formulated products.
    • Amino Acids generally have a bitter aftertaste, so consider this when adding a combination to a formula
    • More is not always better! Use proven dosage levels of the ingredients you chose. You can always refer to the website for individual product details and recommended dosage levels
    • Different protein sources have different tastes and textures. For instance Calcium Caseinate and Milk Proteins are more grainy in texture and mouth feel than Whey Protein 80 and Whey Protein 90
    • Adding a carbohydrate like Dextrose to your blend will make it sweeter in taste, so consider how much you use if you do add a flavour option also
    • Adding Pure Fine Oats and Flax Seed will add texture to your blends, and give a pleasant oat taste and texture
    • Our Whey Protein 80 (concentrate) and Whey Protein 90 (isolate) are both undenatured and instantised, ensuring easy mixing and with little froth.
    • As with all products that are created at the THE PROTEIN WORKS™ production facility, we use no fillers or thickeners.
    • Why not share your formula idea with like minded people on Facebook, Twitter and Google Plus and get extra tips and advice on your formula
    • Finally, don't forget to name your blend , and we will print the label with your chosen product name on it. It doesn't come any more PERSONAL than that!


Popular Formula Types

Whether you are looking to create a post workout shake , a weight loss blend, meal replacement or a night time formula, here are a few simple tips to help you optimise your formula:

Post Workout

Add a fast absorbing carbohydrate like dextrose, maltodexrin or waxy maize, along with a fast-acting protein like Whey Protein 90 (isolate), as this is most efficient to kick start recovery and shuttle essential nutrients to the muscles.


Add Whey Protein 80 (concentrate) and Pure fine Oats to form the basis of your blend, since the protein and carbohydrates will fuel your workout whilst also preventing any muscle breakdown. Also to further enhance your pre-workout nutrition try adding iBCAA or Essential Amino Acids, as these have been shown to enhance the muscle building potential of your training.

Night Time

Look to add 100% Micellar Casein or Milk Protein 85 (concentrate) to your formula, this will provide you with slow release proteins to avoid catabolism while you sleep.

Weight Gain

Adding healthy fats like MCT and Flax seed are great for adding quality calories to your diet which in turn creates a calorie surplus which is ideal for increasing muscle mass. In addition, carbohydrates like Pure Fine Oats provide a slow sustained release of energy.

Lean Gains

Consider combining fast and slow digesting proteins. Like Whey Protein 90 (isolate) and Milk Protein 85 (concentrate). Look to add 5g per serving of Glutamine.

Value Protein

When making a value protein blend , look to use protein sources like Soy Protein 90 (isolate) and Pea Protein 80 (isolate). They are good alternatives to more expensive proteins like Whey Protein 80 (concentrate) and Whey Protein 90 (isolate).


Use vegetarian protein sources such as Pea Protein 80 (isolate), Soy Protein 90 (isolate) and Brown Rice Protein 80. Ideal for those who suffer from lactose intolerance.

Meal Replacement

As this is a "Meal Replacement" you want to make sure this tastes good, so look at adding Whey Protein 80 (concentrate), Pure Fine Oats, and chose from one of our delicious flavours.

Weight Loss

Keep the carbohydrate levels low! and use Whey Protein 90 (isolate), it's low in fat and carbs. Also for added fat loss, look to include ingredients proven to help lower your body fat percentage like Acetyl L Carnitine

Tapered Protein Release

Add a combination of proteins to ensure you get a staged protein release. For example, Whey Protein 80 (concentrate) for fast release, Milk Protein 85 (concentrate), 100% Micellar Casein for slow release and Egg White Protein 80 for moderate release.


A quality protein source is essential like Whey Protein 80 (concentrate) and Whey Protein 90 (isolate). Adding some amino acids such as, Glutamine, Leucine, Taurine and HMB, along with a clean carbohydrate source like Pure Fine Oats or Waxy Maize.

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