Clear Vegan Protein
Clear Vegan Protein

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Clear Vegan Protein

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  • doneTexture:Clean & Crisp

"Refreshing alternative! This clear vegan protein shake is a winner! It blends effortlessly, offers a crisp and delicious taste, and is perfect for a protein boost without the milky texture. Highly recommend!" -Ash

Selected Flavour:Mixed Berry Burst

Mixed Berry BurstMixed Berry Burst
Apple & Lemon TwistApple & Lemon Twist
Watermelon Breeze  Watermelon Breeze
18 shakes
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Clear Vegan Protein
Clear Vegan Protein

Pure, Plant-Based Protein.

Next-Level Nutrition

Our Clear Vegan Protein delivers a burst of refreshing flavours without any unwanted sugar. It's the perfect choice for a clear protein shake to help support your fitness journey.

Plant-Based Ingredients

Our Clear Vegan Protein is crafted from the finest plant-based ingredient, including pea protein to create a light and refreshing vegan-friendly protein shake.

Clear Vegan Protein

Perfectly Balanced

Each shake provides a well balanced dose of plant-based protein, making it a refreshing, enjoyable drink that can be consumed anytime of day to increase your protein intake.

Light & Refreshing

Available in a variety of well-balanced, perfectly sweetened flavours that are low in sugar and low in calories. It's the perfect vegan alternative to Clear Diet Whey Protein.

All This in One Shake...
  • check_circle10g of protein per serving
  • check_circleLow in sugar
  • check_circle100% plant-based
  • check_circleLight & refreshing
  • check_circleGMO free
  • check_circleFree from artificial colours
  • check_circleOnly 47 calories per serving
  • check_circleSuitable for vegetarians & vegans

Brand New Clear Vegan Protein.

Our Clear Vegan protein is the perfect alternative to our Clear Diet Whey Protein, it's transparent appearance and premium plant-based protein ingredients offers a clean & juicy shake. Unlike traditional protein powders, which often have a milky texture, our Clear Vegan Protein has a juice-like consistency and is comparative to a cordial drink. This shake can be enjoyed as part of a healthy and balanced lifestyle. It's ideal for anyone who is looking for a high protein, low calories shake perhaps looking for a lighter protein shake alternative, without sacrificing on nutritional benefits. 

Clear Vegan Protein ticks all the boxes for those looking to lose weight too. It typically contains fewer calories and carbohydrates compared to regular whey protein shakes. Making it a suitable vegan option if you're looking to reduce calories, whilst increasing protein intake. Each shake contains zero sugar, zero fat and adds from only 47 calories to your daily calorie intake.

What's in Clear Vegan Protein?

Hydrolysed Pea Protein

Clear Vegan Protein is made using hydrolysed pea protein, containing up to 10g of protein per serving.

Variety of Flavours

Available in a range of perfectly sweetened, refreshing flavours.  Our Clear Vegan Protein flavours are light in taste, low in calories and have a non-creamy texture providing a refreshing protein shake alternative. 

Enjoy Anytime of The Day 

The clean, clear formulation of Clear Vegan Protein powder makes it as easy to mix as it is to drink. Perfect to have any time of the day, simply add water and shake.

Make it a Perfect Shake Every Time.

Scoop it

Scoop it

Add 3/4 scoops (15g) of Clear Vegan Protein to your Protein Works shaker.

Add it

Add it

Add to 300ml of chilled water.

Shake it

Shake it

Shake well, wait 1 minute and drink.

Your Questions, Answered.

You can drink Clear Vegan Protein anytime of day to help boost your protein intake and keep you feeling fuller for longer without the sugar or fats.

One serving contains low sugar, no fat and only 48 calories. It is of course, high protein with 10g per serving.

Yes, Clear Vegan Protein is suitable for vegans & vegetarians. 

Yes, this product is gluten free, although it is made in a factory that handles gluten.

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Customer Reviews

  1. mixes perfectly

    Mixes perfectly with water and has a light, refreshing consistency that feels more like a juice than a shake.
  2. Refreshing light taste

    After trying countless vegan protein shakes, I stumbled upon clear vegan protein and it's been a game-changer! The refreshing taste and light texture make it a pleasure to drink. Definitely my go-to protein shake from now on!
  3. Refreshing

    I love that it's made with clean, plant-based ingredients, and it's perfect for a quick on-the-go shake. I was pleasantly suprised with how clear it actually was, it's low in sugar and calories which helps me keep on track. Highly recommend!
  4. Amazing

    I've been searching for a vegan protein shake that not only delivers on nutrition but also tastes great, and I finally found it with Clear Vegan Protein Shake! The flavour is amazing, and the texture is smooth, not gritty like some other protein shakes I've tried. It was just like drinking juice.
  5. Refreshing alternative

    This clear vegan protein shake is a winner! It blends effortlessly, offers a crisp and delicious taste, and is perfect for a protein boost without the milky texture. Highly recommend!
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