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The Ultimate Xmas Recipes!

Protein Water

Coconut Oil Fudge

Protein Water

Protein Xmas Pudding

Protein Water

Healthy Mince Pies

Protein Water

Vegan Gingerbread

Smart Christmas Swaps

Here at TPW™ Towers we've come up with the ultimate Swap Shop list. The ultimate protein-packed, healthy swaps
to replace your calorie dense sweet treats, without compromising on taste!


TPW™ Protein Cookies

Per Cookie:

Protein 35g

Sugar 6.5g

Supermarket Equivalent

Protein 2.2g

Sugar 19.1g


TPW™ Diet Protein Truffles

Per 30g Truffle:

Fat 2.6g

Protein 10.4g

Supermarket Equivalent

Fat 14g

Protein 1.4g


TPW™ Protein Brownies

Per Brownie:

Protein 11g

Sugar 1.5g

Supermarket Equivalent

Protein 2g

Sugar 17g


TPW™ Protein Flapjacks Luxe

Per Flapjack:

Protein 19g

Sugar 4.7g

Supermarket Equivalent

Protein 2g

Sugar 12.1g


TPW™ Protein Hot Chocolate

Per Serving:

Sugar 1.29g

Protein 22.53g

Fat 0.6g

Supermarket Equivalent

Sugar 22.5g

Protein 7.7g

Fat 4.0g



TPW™ Christmas Treats



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