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To help you get beach body ready we've put together 3 x 15min workouts to help you nail your summer goals


The Kettlebell Hit Workout

Using a pair of 5-10KG Kettlebells, do as many reps as you can for 1 minute, rest for 30 secs, then move on to the next exercise. Repeat twice.

+ Chest Press on bench

+ Hold a kettlebell in each arm and squat

+ Lunge forward, pass the kettlebell under your leg to your other hand. Stand back up and repeat on other side

+ Burpees with overhead press

+ Kettlebell swings

+ Squat with overhead press

Get Strong Circuit Workout

Grab a pair of 3-8KG dumbell and a boxstep. Do as many round as possible in 15 minutes.

+ Dumbell swings

+Hold a dumbell in each hand, step up onto the box with your left leg and drive your right leg up. At the same time press the dumbells overhead. Step back down onto your right leg. Bring the left leg down and repeat on the other side.

+ Turkish Get-Up. 3 reps each side then switch

+ Squat jumps, holding the dumbell in the goblet position

+ Burpees!

+ Push up row

+ Dumbell clean and press, change sides each rep

No Equipment Needed

Make sure you warm up well for around 3 minutes. Complete 2 rounds of the exercises below. For round one do 15 reps, and then for round 2 bump it up to 25 reps. Do a 2 minute cool down at the end

+ Front lunges, alternating legs after you've completed the number of reps for that round

+ Air Squats with jump

+ Skaters

+ Side plank pulse. Bring your hips to the floor and then drive back up. Do the requested number of reps each side then switch

+ Hops. Jump forward and land in the squat position. Jump and spin 180 degrees. Repeat for the required number reps

+ Burpees with star jump


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