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BCAA Complex

BCAA Complex contains 1000mg of Branched Chain Amino Acids per tablet. BCAA Complex is formulated in the optimal ratio of 2:1:1 of L Leucine, L Isoleucine and L Valine to deliver the maximum benefits and support your muscles from the stress of intense training.

These three renowned amino acids play a pivotal role in the growth and development of muscle mass and size and promoting strength gains and muscle recovery post workout. When taken pre-workout, BCAA's can also help prevent muscle breakdown.

  • Supports muscle growth and repair

  • Prevents catabolic tissue breakdown

  • Harnesses optimal 2:1:1 ratio of BCAAs

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BCAA Complex

  • Vegetarian
  • Vegan
  • Gluten Free
  • Natural flavours and colours
  • Diabetic
  • Wheat Free
  • GM Free

What Are BCAA Tablets?

BCAA Complex from The Protein Works™ contains a potent balanced blend of Branched Chain Amino Acids which are the building blocks of protein. They play a pivotal role in the growth and development of muscle mass and size. The three amino acids contained within BCAA Complex make up approximately one third of skeletal tissue in the human body. Each tablet contains 1000mg of branched chain amino acids in the optimal ratio of 2:1:1 of L Leucine, L Isoleucine and L Valine to deliver the maximum benefits.


Can BCAA Tablets Help Recovery?

Using BCAA Complex around your training can help increase nitrogen retention, promote protein synthesis and support your muscles from the stress and trauma of intense training and exercise. Branched chain amino acids are not like the other amino acids as they are unable to be metabolised in the stomach. Instead they are metabolised directly in the muscle which stops catabolism, the breakdown of muscle tissue. As well as helping to preserve muscle mass and also increase protein synthesis post workout, BCAA's can help maintain a healthy immune system during periods of intense training when it could become compromised.


How Do BCAA Tablets Help Pre-Workout?

BCAA's have been shown to reduce muscle breakdown during intense training by creating a more favourable environment within the working muscles. Therefore a lot of athletes will take BCAA's pre-workout to ensure their training becomes less catabolic, especially those looking to maintain muscle mass. BCAA's are actually metabolised in the muscles and not the stomach, which is one unique property that scientists believe is responsible for their anti-catabolic properties.


How Do BCAA Tablets Help Post-Workout?

BCAA's also have benefits after training. Specifically this is related to the amino acid leucine and how it increases protein synthesis alongside your protein shake. Resistance training provides the necessary stimulus to your muscles for them to repair and regrow bigger, however the initial bout exercise actually results in a negative net protein balance or simply muscle breakdown. This negative net protein balance must be counteracted as soon as possible straight after your workout if you want to start building muscle and scientists are in agreement that the best way to do this is to ingest a quick releasing protein such as whey concentrate with the amino acid leucine - via BCAA supplementation.


What's The Best BCAA Tablet Supplement?

Here at TPW™, you can have supreme confidence in the product quality and supply source. Each ingredient supplier must pass rigorous audits and checks before being given the TPW™ quality seal of approval. Traceability, quality, and consistency are the three things we demand on every single ingredient. This is our philosophy that flows through every product we manufacture and sets us apart in the world of sports nutrition today. Click on the Product Profile to see full product information for your absolute peace of mind.


How are your BCAA Tablets Packaged and Delivered?

Please note that this product comes in our unique letter-box friendly container and foil sealed for freshness. Whether you are at home or not, your TPW™ pill order will be waiting on your door mat when you return thanks to its innovative dimensions and packaging. Also, larger sizes may be supplied in small multi-packs to ensure the maximum freshness of your larger order. Learn more about the full TPW™ BCAA range which includes pills, powders and cutting-edge formulations.


A. It is a high potency blend of the three key amino acids, Leucine, Isoleucine, Valine in a perfectly balanced ratio

Q. When should I use BCAA COMPLEX?

A. It depends on your lifestyle and goals, we recommend consuming 3-5 tablets, 2-4 times a day, or as required as part of your daily supplement intake.

Q. What are the main reasons for using BCAA COMPLEX?

A. To prevent muscle breakdown and help develop lean muscle mass.

Q. What is the difference between BCCA COMPLEX and TPW™ iBCAA?

A. iBCAA is a free flowing instantised BCAA powder which can be added to shakes or consumed in juice. BCAA COMPLEX comes in an easy to take pill format. Both deliver the same nutritional benefits, but here at TPW™ we like to offer you choice to suit your own needs.

Q. Are all BCAA pills the same no matter which brand you use?

A. As with so many things in life, if you don't ask the right questions, you won't get the right answers! The quality of ingredient can vary significantly and therefore the potency will do too. In addition, just because a product may be called 100% pure, it doesn't mean that it necessarily is. We recommend you read the ingredients and nutritionals on the label to better understand exactly what you are buying. We can assure you that our products are 100% pure. At TPW™, we are committed to transparency and openness in all our products and that is why we provide a Product Profile for BCAA COMPLEX which gives a complete overview of the product's background including our approval, location of manufacture and money back guarantee applicability.

Q. Is BCAA COMPLEX suitable for vegans and vegetarians?

A. It is not suitable for vegetarians,or vegans.

Q. Can I use BCAA COMPLEX with other supplements?

A. The simple answer is yes. We recommend you always check serving instructions on each product if you plan on taking a combination of supplements. Typically BCAA COMPLEX combines well with the TPW™ protein range.

Q. What if any side effects will I get from taking BCAA COMPLEX?

A. We haven't heard of any nasty side effects from taking BCAA COMPLEX.

Q. Are BCAA found in whole natural foods?

A. Yes, BCAA's are found in protein rich foods such as beef, chicken and fish.

Q. Who should take / benefit from using BCAA COMPLEX?

A. Bodybuilders and strength athletes. Endurance athletes. Those new to weight training. People involved in team sports. Those who participate in regular intense training and exercise.

L Leucine , L isoleucine, L Valine

Typical Daily Usage:

Take 3-5 tablets, 2-4 times per day, as required.

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i have tried several site before and never found a bcaa this great.
It is packed full of everything you need
Quality product, take 2 before and after workout and is great way of getting amino's into your diet, would recommend highly!
Love taking these BCAA's, I find these help to aid recovery after gruelling workouts! A must if your weight training in my opinion...

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The best BCAA tablets I have ever tried! Great for on the go if your like me and don't have much time to mix shakes while at work! Great work TPW
The best BCAA tablets ive ever taken , the value for money is fantastic! Will certainly be purchasing again!

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Great for cutting and getting into condition!

10/10 product
Great product that's works extremely well,in my eyes I must

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Another Great Product
Branched Chain Amino Acids aka BCAA's are an essential supplement which is use all throughout the day when in a calorie deficit and trying to reduce body-fat.

They are great for using when performing low to moderate fat burning cardio 1st thing in the morning on an empty stomach to prevent your body from breaking down lean muscle tissue for energy which is the last thing you want when cutting.

They are also great when taken before high protein meals due to leucine promoting protein synthesis and signaling your body to use it for building muscle tissue.

For great effects i find it best to take 5 of these tabs 3 times per day, 5 am before cardio, 5 @ 12:00pm before lunch and another 5 @ 8:00pm with my last meal for the day.

5/5 these are high quality BCAA's that work great when i am on a diet and need to maintain muscle mass.

They are also great for improving endurance levels when taken pre workout and promoting an increase in fat burning and muscle building.

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Perfect for boosting your levels.

Does exactly what it says on the tin and easy to swallow

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Thanks again
I take these to boost my intake of amino acids. At first they do seem a little large but you soon get used to them.

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