Milk Protein


What Is Milk Protein?

The Milk Protein range from THE PROTEIN WORKS™ features a collection of the finest, slow releasing, milk derived protein in sports nutrition. This includes the premium grade 100% Casein Protein which represents a great alternative for people wanting a slower released protein as a meal replacement or shake before bed.

Milk Protein is generally regarded as a supplement staple for many athletes. This is because whilst whey protein is a brilliant protein source to have post workout due to its rapid absorption rate, Milk Protein is absorbed a lot slower. What this means is it’s capable of delivering a slow, sustained release of amino acids to the muscles during the seven to eight hours whilst you sleep. This unique property of Milk Protein is one reason why many cupboards are never without a bag.

TPW™’s Milk Protein range is not surprisingly one of the most popular protein ranges on the entire website. This is because each product contained within it is so nutritionally versatile. Used by strength and speed athletes as well as those dieting it can support any number of training goals.

As with all product range in the TPW™ repertoire, we will be looking to expand the Milk Protein range in terms of products and flavours. So if you have product idea, flavour suggestion or innovation you think the industry needs, please let us know. Through Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Google Plus or carrier pigeon. We want to hear about it.

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  1. 100% Micellar Casein
    100% Micellar Casein
    Rating: 95%
    95% of 100
    “Great just before bed, tastes nice and always helps with that overnight recovery.” – Kane
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