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It's A TPW™ Thing

If you increase your Work Capacity EVERYTHING becomes easier!

Work Capacity can be defined as the total amount of “work” (training) the body can perform and then positively recover and adapt too. If you have a higher work capacity EVERY fitness goal becomes easier and attainable. Why? Because your body can tolerate this “stress” and “stimuli”.

Want To Lose Fat? 2 extra sessions of HIIT training and 1 of semi-fasted cardio per week is easily tolerated by the body and you can adapt.

Want To Get Stronger? Hitting squats 3 times per week instead of 1 is easily tolerated by the body and you can adapt.

Want More Endurance?An extra hill sprint session and 10 miles at the weekend is easily tolerated by the body and you can adapt.

If you have a lower work capacity, that same HIIT session, extra squat workout and more will leave leave you in bed, over trained with your immune system wondering, “What were you thinking?”


Ross Edgley: Creator Of #justdomore

Therefore work capacity is good. Our very own Ross Edgley (creator of #JUSTDOMORE) used it to complete The World’s Strongest Marathon and The World’s Longest Rope Climb. So how do you get more of it? Supplementary cardio and “finishers” systematically increased over 8 weeks & supported online by THE PROTEIN WORKS is your answer.


Weeks 1-3: Add 10% Supplementary Cardio

Whatever your current training, add 10%, low intensity supplementary cardio. As an example, imagine you strength train 5 times a week for 60 minutes. This equates to 300 minutes of “work” per week. To increase work capacity, continue with your current training plan (whether strength, speed, endurance or fat loss based) but add 10 minutes of low intensity cardio every morning to your training 3 times per week, for 3 weeks. This represents a 10% increase in work capacity as you train 330 minutes per week.

Week 4 we step it up and add “finishers”….


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