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TPW™ 7 Minute Workouts

Here you will find 4 of the best TPW™ workouts you can do in just 7 minutes!
Whether you want to work your core or just need a whole body workout to do when you
don't have time for the gym, we've got everything you need right here...


Protein Truffles

Abs Abs Abs!

30 Crunches

20 V-Ups

30 Seconds Plank Hold

20 V-Ups

30 Crunches

1 minute rest

Repeat X 2!

Protein Truffles

Entire Body Blast

50 Tricep Dips

40 Alternating Jumping Lunges

40 Squats (With 2 Second Hold At The Bottom)

30 Burpees

30 Press Ups (With 2 Second Hold At The Top)

10 Tuck Jumps

Protein Truffles


For 7 minutes, repeat the following, only resting (if needed) after the plank hold:

7 Burpees

7 Pressups

7 Deadlifts

25 Second Plank Hold

Protein Truffles

Sprint Time!

Sprint 400m

Jog 200m

Sprint 200m

Jog 100m

Sprint 100m

Jog 50m

Sprint 50m

Rest 1 minute

Go back up, starting with the 50m sprint



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