TPW™ Recommend a Friend and Earn £5!


We know from experience that no one can promote and recommend our products and service better than our customers. Neither do we have big marketing budgets to splash the cash on all kinds of campaigns. We really appreciate the support we get from all our customers and so we sat down and thought of the best way to say thanks.

That's when we came up with the TPW™ Referral Programme, otherwise known as the number one way to super-charge your TPW™ Points. It took a bit of technical wizardry but we got there in the end and now it's all pretty simple and to be frank, a bit of a no-brainer.


A FIVER for You - FREE Protein for Them!

All you have to do is tell everyone you know who uses inferior or over-priced supplements to give us a try. Remember to give them your unique TPW™ Code which they must use at registration. Then if their first order is over £10 we will automatically offer them 250g of our premium Whey Protein 80 absolutely FREE! That's up £7.49 of protein dropped in their first order on us. They can even choose which flavour they'd like to try. When they place their first order, we'll automatically drop £5 of TPW™ Points into your account for you to use off future TPW™ orders.

Put simply, the more people you refer and the more viral you can make your TPW™ Code, the less you'll be paying for your sports nutrition for a long time to come! If you do the maths, you only have to recommend four mates and you have a very decent £20 credit sitting in your account just crying out to be used against your next TPW™ order. It really doesn't get much better than this. A fiver for you and free protein for your mate. Job done!


When You Recommend a Friend...When Your Friend Buys...


The Important Bit!

It's important to remember that this can only happen when friends you recommend use your TPW™ Code at registration. We cannot post-credit anyone who doesn't use your TPW™ Code at the point of purchase.


Top Tips on how to Accelerate your Referral Points

  • You can find your unique TPW™ Code in MyAccount when you login
  • Make sure you memorise your TPW™ Code off as you never know when you just might need it
  • Post your TPW™ Code on the gym notice board offering free protein to anyone that uses your code
  • Email all your mates using the Recommend a Friend feature in MyAccount
  • Post your code across any social media you use like Facebook, Twitter, Google+, etc
  • Include your TPW™ Code in your signature on any forums you use for everyone to see
  • Spread your TPW™ Code across the Net wherever you can find to get it viral


There are a few things to remember with Referral Points:

  • Please read the full Terms & Conditions related to the programme
  • Our referral programme is provided in good faith and any abuse of the system will not be tolerated.
  • We employ complex cross-referencing technology and anyone found abusing the system in any way will be instantly banned from THE PROTEIN WORKS™.


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