Vegan Weight Loss Starter Bundle

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Vegan Weight Loss Starter Bundle

"Delivery has always been on or before projected date. Taste is absolutely spot on, would absolutely recommend!" Sarah

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The Vegan Weight Loss Starter Bundle has been specially selected to include our best-selling, cutting edge supplements and shakes to help you reach your goals.

This Bundle includes 1 x 500g of Vegan Diet Meal Replacement Extreme, 1x 7 Meals of SuperMeals, 1 x 2 Pack of Chocolate Protein Grazers, 1 x 2 Pack of Salted Caramel Protein Grazers , 1x Thermopro, 1x Green Tea Ultra and 1 x Active Shaker.

Whether you’re looking to lose weight, tone up or lead a healthier lifestyle, rest assured everything you need to get started is in just the click of a button.

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What is a Vegan Diet Meal Replacement and Does it Work?

A Vegan Diet Meal Replacement Extreme shake is packed with essential vitamins and nutrients that can’t often be found in a normal diet and is boosted with added ingredients to support healthy weight loss: green tea, L-Carnitine and MCT Powder.

From as little as 200 calories per shake and packed with up to 25g of protein per suggested serving, this shake will help keep you fuller for longer. In this way, it can help keep your cravings at bay. Vegan Diet Meal Replacement Extreme is made from real-food protein sources including soya, brown rice, and pea protein.

What are SuperMeals?

We’ve made the perfect meal, so you don’t have to! SuperMeals are everything you wish you could have in a hot and tasty meal. Each and every meal contains the perfect amount of protein, fats, carbohydrates and fibre as well as 26 essential vitamins that your body needs. All meals are vegan and packed with nutrient-dense, whole food ingredients. They are brimming with nutrients, can be ready in 5 minutes (all you need to do is add water!), taste outrageously good. If you’re looking for a healthy, tasty, quick ,and easy meal that can be ready in minutes, look no further than SuperMeals.

 Vegan Vitamin B12

What Is Vitamin B12?

Vitamin B12 is essential for optimal health and can only be gained from consuming red meat or fortified foods. It is therefore recommended that anybody following a plant-based diet should supplement vitamin B12 in order to avoid the potential symptomatic health problems associated with Vitamin B12 deficiency. These include fatigue, poor memory, anaemia, pale skin, breathlessness, balance problems and headaches.

These health risks can be combated by using our water-soluble Vitamin B12 tablets which ensure you get all the health benefits of B12 while following a plant-based diet. Our tablets contain the recommended amount for supplementation of 1000µg per tablet, which will keep those potential health issues at bay, whilst reaping the health benefits that this essential vitamin has to offer.

Simply take one tablet daily with a meal or paired with our Vegan Protein shake to get a complete nutritional boost.


What Is Green Tea Ultra?

Green Tea Ultra is an awesome little tablet containing a potent blend of green tea, of course. There have been many reasons why green tea itself has become a hit with the sports nutrition industry. Although a cup of green tea has become a love affair for some, the bitter taste isn't to everyone's liking, and as such why we’ve compacted it into an easy to consume capsule, meaning that face scrunching teas are a thing of the past.

Our premium grade Green Tea Ultra contain an incredible source of nutrients and minerals amounting to 40% polyphenols, 25% catechins, 10% EGCG and a maximum of 7.5% caffeine content. These long words may mean nothing to you, but all you need to know is they’re pretty awesome and all play a role in helping your body reach its fitness goals. Originating from China and after being used in traditional remedies for years, it's about time we started using this astonishing supplement in our daily lives. Have a look below at what these mighty green lean machines can do for you.

Green Tea Ultra

What Is A Ridiculous Vegan Protein Bar?

Named after the countless reactions we’ve seen from people after they try this nifty plant-based protein snack, this is a vegan bar designed with zero compromise in mind; a gift for your conscience and your cravings.

Ridiculous by its very nature, this bar technically shouldn’t be possible! Combine these features as standard in every single bar, and you start to understand why it’s Ridiculous:

  • Fully plant based
  • Purposely palm oil free
  • Minimised environmental impact
  • High protein & less than 1g of sugar
  • High in fibre to keep you fuller for longer
  • Less than 200cals a bar*
  • Completely gluten free
  • Zero artificial flavours, colours or preservatives
  • Naturally sweetened
  • Delicious in taste, with multi layerings of indulgence
  • ...All stacks up to a vegan bar like no other.