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The Best Of Our Vegan Goodies

From our best-selling Vegan Protein to everyone's favourite choc-hazelnut spread, we know you'll love these...


Vegan Love

If you love #meatfreemonday, are a member of the Vegan Army or just want to explore a different diet;
we've got recipes, facts and innovations you'll want to check out...


Superfood Bites

Superfood Bites are quite possibly the most nutrient-packed snack to ever grace the world of wholefoods. Each and every one is cold pressed and has been made using the finest nuts, fruits and seeds to provide a 100% natural boost of energy, protein and fibre with no hidden nasties.

"Superfood Bites are a delicious snack that don't break the macro bank! Perfect over yogurt too." - Amy

Raw Caramel Slice

Our Raw Caramel Slice Kit is a quick and easy home-bake kit for the ultimate, great tasting and natural sweet treat. Packed full of nutritious ingredients including organic coconut oil, raw cacao powder and white hemp protein, this is the perfect healthy, all-natural substitute for the sweet tooth’s out there.

"I love my Raw Caramel Slice Kit, it's easy to follow, tastes delicious and is 100% natural and organic, what's not to love?" - Jess


Rawtella is a healthy, luxurious choc hazelnut spread which is brought to you by the TPW™ Nuttery! An all-natural nut butter containing nothing but the finest 100% pure ingredients, Rawtella is Ideal for those that like it Raw & Pure. Hailed as one of the healthiest chocolate spreads on the planet, Rawtella provides a similar rich, smooth taste and texture to a family favourite spread that you find on supermarket shelves, but with none of the additional nasties.

"Chocolatey, crunchy and indulgent - better than Nutella and without the calories!" - Amy


Vegan Recipes & Advice

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