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Why you love it...
"Finally a Vegan Protein that tastes awesome! The Fitness Guide is great too, lots of workouts and recipes," Skye
Why we love it...
This bundle contains everything you could possibly need to start off on a Vegan Fitness Journey. 2 pouches of our insane tasting Vegan Protein, win win add to that, The Juggernaut, to make hydration simple and easy, knowledge bombs galore to be consumed in the TPW Fitness Guide and all topped off with our finest Protein shaker.



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Who is the Vegan Starter Bundle For?

Perhaps you’re a Vegan looking to take your first steps into the fitness world, or a Flexitarian looking to try out the Vegan Protein your buddy said is the best tasting vegan protein they’ve ever tried, we may be biased but they know what they’re talking about! If that’s got you nodding along, then the Vegan Starter Bundle is right for you. This bundle contains everything we know you need to create a foundation off which to build a healthy lifestyle with. And what’s great? It’s all at an insanely good price, that leaves your wallet as happy as your tastebuds will be.

So what’s In the Vegan Starter Bundle?

Vegan Protein (2 x 210g)

Our Vegan Protein is heralded by many top Vegan Athletes as the best Vegan Protein available. Why is that? Firstly the protein content. 25g of Protein per serving to help support muscle growth and repair. Sounds good, but there’s more. Our Vegan Protein is made from a pristine blend of 5 Plant Based Sources, Soy, Hemp, Rice, Sunflower and Pea Protein all synergistically combine to create an unrivalled Amino Acid profile that puts our Vegan Protein top of the list when it comes to delivering all the support your muscles need to repair and grow. Secondly, the taste, as we mentioned earlier it tastes pretty damn good! And that all stems from our flavour heritage, we’ve always been the flag bearer for flavour in Sports Nutrition. Our Flavour ethos echoes around TPW Towers, from the Flavoury™ to the Protein Bakery, it’s just what we do. We’ve always had the upper hand when it came to Vegan Protein though, this is because we’ve used All Natural flavourings ever since we opened the doors, whereas others have tried and often failed to adjust their existing flavourings to be all natural, ours are born this way, the only problem we had was which insane tasting flavour do we produce first? This is why we have the most comprehensive lineup of Vegan Protein Flavours, from Chocolate Silk, Strawberries and Cream all the way through to Millionaire, take your pick, they all taste great and come with the TPW™ seal of approval.

The Juggernaut

You’ve heard it time and time again, you need to drink enough water. Whilst that’s 100% true, remembering to actually drink enough is easy to forget, That’s why we created The Juggernaut. It is exactly 2.2L in size, why not 2L like most other water bottles? Because 2.2L is the amount your body needs to function optimally. Complete with a handy carry loop and sturdy grip, it’s a reliable companion for your daily grind, that makes keeping hydrated easy.

TPW Fitness Guide (Digital Download)

It’s hard to know where to start in the world of fitness. Every PT or Trainer will tell you something different, and it’s difficult to know what to actually do. Our Fitness Guide is our way of keeping it simple. It’s the starting point for all beginners, taking you through simple basic workouts that allow you to put together the starting blocks of your fitness regime, the basic fundamentals of nutrition along with simple and easy recipes to make getting the right nutrition a doddle. Follow this guide and you’ll be taking one step in the right direction on your fitness journey,

Protein Shaker (Colours May Vary)

All that Vegan Protein Science would be wasted if it wasn’t put in an awesome looking shaker right? Made from durable plastic, it’s complete with a smoked body and stacked in German Engineering technology from the team at Buschsteiner® to leave you with a leak free, reliable vessel in which to enjoy our insane tasting shakes.

06 June 2018

Love the Vegan Protein, tastes really good!
Finally a Vegan Protein that tastes awesome! The Fitness Guide is great too, lots of workouts and recipes

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