Protein Truffles





Created to be among the world’s most nutrient-dense, vitamin-packed Vegan protein shakes this plant based beast was a massive undertaking we know, but sourcing the very best vegan-friendly protein powder from every corner of the globe & fusing them with over 20 different vitamins and minerals, we did it. Low in fat & packing more than 25g of protein per serving, Vegan Extreme is our plant-based pride and joy.

"Loving this one guys, it’s like the full vegan army in a simple shake, love the extras loaded in here couldn’t find that anywhere else" - Gareth

Protein Truffles


Diet Vegan Protein combines the very finest natural vegan protein sources and widely acclaimed extracts, such as Green Tea and Garcinia Cambogia, in one delicious shake. Sourced from premium grade plant proteins, it is ideal for anyone following a vegan calorie-controlled diet. Diet Vegan Protein provides 22g of protein, 1g of fat, and 0.3g of sugar per serving and is available in a range of natural flavours.

"I've always had their vegan protein so thought I'd try the diet version for a change. Taste as always with The Protein Works is brilliant and it also includes ingredients like green tea and garcinia" - Stef

Protein Truffles



Vegan Protein Powder can only be found at TPW™ Towers. Made from a uniquely formulated blend of 5 premium plant-based proteins, each pouch is dairy-free, vegan-friendly and fused with our widely acclaimed all-natural flavours and colours. Containing more than 25g of protein per serving, it’s fair to say no other vegan protein on the market comes close to its taste, texture and nutritional profile.

"The taste was subtle, it mixed well, and it works brilliantly. It's better than any vegan blend on the market. I will buy this again" - Georgia


Superfood Bites are quite possibly the most nutrient-packed snack to ever grace the world of wholefoods. Each and every one is cold pressed and has been made using the finest nuts, fruits and seeds to provide a 100% natural boost of energy, protein and fibre with no hidden nasties.

"Superfood Bites are a delicious snack that don't break the macro bank! Perfect over yogurt too." - Amy


Rawtella is a healthy, luxurious choc hazelnut spread which is brought to you by the TPW™ Nuttery! An all-natural nut butter containing nothing but the finest 100% pure ingredients, Rawtella is Ideal for those that like it Raw & Pure. Hailed as one of the healthiest chocolate spreads on the planet, Rawtella provides a similar rich, smooth taste and texture to a family favourite spread that you find on supermarket shelves, but with none of the additional nasties.

"Chocolatey, crunchy and indulgent - better than Nutella and without the calories!" - Amy


In 2016 our Vegan Protein was launched. Months after it was launched it became Europe’s best-selling vegan protein shake, outselling everything else on the market. Made from 5 premium plant proteins, it was widely praised for being dairy-free, vegan-friendly and with a nutritional profile that’s only rivaled by it’s all natural flavours, colours and taste. Low in sugar and fat and with over 25g of protein per serving, TPW™ Vegan Protein and Vegan Snacks have re-written the rules and raised the bar for vegan athletes.

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