A week long celebration of nutrition.


Since the inception of TPW™ we’ve been on a mission to make nutrition easy, dispel the myths and bring the best quality & the best service
in the industry. This week we’re launching the very first Festival of Nutrition™! A week-long celebration of all things good! Get ready to
indulge your body and taste buds in pure TPW™ nutritional wizardry.


Protein Truffles


Everyone is talking about them!

Receiving more media attention than any other it’s those unsung heroes of nutrition that join the Festival today. CLA, BCAA, Green Tea Extract and our Multi Vitamins are all on offer and destined to sell out.

Bag them before they’re gone!





Protein Truffles


Friday Foodie Corner!

Take a break from the music and fill yourself up in the TPW™ Festival Foodie Corner. Packed full of Diet Protein Truffles™, Protein Nutties™, Brownies and even our brand new Superfood Bites, you're not going to want to miss this...

Stock up on 3 for 2!







A selection of the best healthy recipes from our very own TPW™ community.





Check out the latest additions to TPW™




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