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One of Nike's most well known brands, the Jordan brand provides style as well as comfort for everyone across the world! take a tour of our best shoes!


Jordan XXXI

With the latest innovation of the Air Jordan brand comes the Jordan XXXI

This shoe provides the best comfort for daily use as well as competitive use! When we designed this shoe, we decided to combine the well known distinctive use of leather, which are a part of most Jordan shoes, as well as Nike Flyknit! the toe of the show starts off as a flyknit and transitions seamlessly into the leather at the back of the shoe. The combination of these two materials allows the wearer to move neutrally when in competition. This shoe comes in many colours, including American red, white and blue, black, white and red as well as much more styles!

Jordan 12

Since 1996, the Jordan 12 has been known for its timeless design which never goes out of fashion! With new colours and materials coming out for ever specific season, this shoe can be worn year round. The recent design has been manufactured for the winter time with the objective of keeping your feet warm while looking fashionable simultaneously! Instead of the synonymous leather that most Jordan shoes use, we have decided to use a fleece material as our base, in order to provide maximum warmth for the wearer. This shoe comes in a soft grey colour to fit any outfit you may decide to wear during this winter season!


Jordan Shield Hoodie

Air Jordan isn't just associated with excellent footwear. We also specialise in performance clothing! The Shield Hoodie is one of our best products we offer in our clothing range. This product is specifically designed to keep you warm and dry in the winter. The Nike Dri-Fit technology will keep you dry and the built in balaclava will keep you warm for when you're training in cold and rainy conditions. Not to mention the two built in zip pockets for secure storage of personal items. This product comes in black and dark grey.


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