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Strawberry, Vanilla, &… What! Protein Pancakes

Are you wondering whether I will all too soon give up on this daily protein pancake deal I’ve made with my dad? Whether I’ll send the promise to the wind and start baking lyrical? Do you think I can keep up with this daily dose of pan fried protein madness? Or do you think this whole exercise will end with me tossing all the mini frying pans out the window in a state of utter mental pancake saturation? Time will tell I guess 😉 Today’s pancakes were truly out there and oh so extravagantly delectable. And, do you know what they’re made out of? beef. Uhu. They’re beef protein pancakes, woop woop 😀 Now, if you’re not a fan or don’t have been protein pow, you can still follow this recipe. Just use a vanilla whey or a blend of whey and casein!


4 eggs
1 pouch vanilla caramel beef protein powder
1/4 cup cooked quinoa (from yesterday)
1/4 cup frozen strawberries


Blended together and panfried onto these nonstick guys which were further nonstick with coconut oil

Macros per Serving (out of 5): point number 5 here 😉

Easy peasy, huh? The quinoa works as a texturizer in protein pancakes, in case you’re wondering why I used them yesterday and I’m using them here again. It gives them body and a nice moist super-texture. You can substitute cooked quinoa with porridge too, i.e. with cooked oats. The goal is just to end up with a thick batter to then pancake up and flip. Not everything with this recipe was fun and games though, it must be said and I think you can kind of tell. Seem the pancakes needed to have had some flour, just a tbsp or two would have done it, of coconut flour, chestnut flour, oat flour, or almond flour. Why? Because some of the pancakes were impossible to flip without breakage, endowed as they were with strawberry goodness. Either way though, the final product was absurdly tasty! The quinoa is truly a master player in the land of protein pancakes, try it for yourself and see because it manages to lend a kind of nuttiness to them which oy -> m-mm-mmmm!

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