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Two-Ingredient Protein Apple Pie!

I’ve been following Quest Nutrition on Instagram for a while now and have noticed that they post a lot of recipes using Quest bars, not as bars, but as an ingredient. Some of their ideas – like this one for Chocolate Protein Cups – are downright genius! And they work because Quest bars have the perfect consistency to be treated as ‘dough.’ They’re really compact and ‘moldeable’ unlike, for example, Power Bars or my own Protein Pow Bars which are much softer inside meaning you can’t as easily use them as an ingredient. I love what Quest have been doing with their recipes too because they’re extremely creative and you know how much I like experimental cooking and playing with my food. So I decided to join the party! By getting some Quest bars and making a Protein Apple Pie. The recipe is really simple and mmmmm – delicious! Wait till you try it. Check it out:


1 medium sized apple
2 Apple Pie Protein Bars


1. Soften the bars a bit and then flatten them as much as you can using a rolling pin.

2. Cut the bars into two strips and press them onto the bottom and sides of a mini pie or tartlet pan.

3. Meanwhile, peel, core, slice, and steam an apple, add a bunch of cinnamon to it (the cinnamon is optional but works nicely here).

4. When the apple has softened, add it to the tartlet pan.

5. Cover the tartlet with a remained strip of Quest.

6. Stick it in the oven for a few minutes or until the top becomes golden brown and… DONE!

Macros per Serving (out of 2):

20g protein
35.5g carbs (out of which 10g is fiber so net carbs = 15.5g)
6g fat

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