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Han Solo Protein Pow Brownie Bars (Vegan)


64 g     Almond Butter
16.5 g  Cocoa Powder
25 g     Pea Protein Powder
49 g     Agave Syrup
20 ml  Almond Milk
12 g     Coconut Flour
12 g     Gluten-Free Oat Flour
2 g       Coconut Sugar (Optional)


1. Mix all ingredients together until you get a delicious chocolatey dough that you’ll want to eat all of. If it’s in any way too wet, add a bit more of the oat flour or coconut flour. If it’s too dry, add a tiny bit more of the milk!

2. Press this dough onto a tray 🙂

3. Cut into bars.

4. Set in the fridge for a couple of hours.

5. BOOM! Done for the bars! Now for Han…

6. To make the Han Solo bars, just cut a bar to the shape of your Solo mould Pour melted dark chocolate onto the mould, then the bar, then more dark chocolate.

7. Set in the freezer for 30 minutes.


Pea Protein 80
Vegan Protein
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