Protein Shake Before Bed

20 Jan 2013

Protein Shake Before Bed

‘The best protein shake before bed’ was the title of this huge thread that started on a fitness forum we sponsor. It literally turned into this 200 post thread with some people arguing a 100% casein shake is best. Others recommended a 50/50 split of whey and casein protein before bed and others said just whey. Whilst it’s obviously personal opinion, we thought we’d throw THE PROTEIN WORKS™ opinion out there and do a blog post called ‘The Best Protein Shake Before Bed’.

Casein Protein Shake Before Bed

The most obvious choice of protein before bed is casein since it’s a much slower digesting protein than whey protein. This means consumed last thing at night it almost drip feeds amino acids to the muscles. This creates a better and more sustained muscle building environment within the body whilst you sleep.

Whey Protein Shake Before Bed

Whilst many people have a whey protein shake before bed, it’s arguably not the best choice. Whey protein is quickly absorbed by the body, which means taking a protein shake before bed can lead to your muscles becoming starved of aminos during the latter stages of sleep. So whilst your body gets that initial delivery of protein and aminos, it won’t be sustained like if you took casein protein before bed.

The Optimal Split Protein Shake Before Bed

This is why many sports nutritionists recommend what is known as a split protein shake before bed. In other words, you should have 15% whey protein and 85% casein to ensure you get both that initial delivery of protein and aminos from the whey. This is then followed by a slower, sustained release of aminos and protein from the casein. Effectively you get the best of both worlds. This is why at THE PROTEIN WORKS™ we have created Milk Protein 85, a blend of both whey protein and casein and only £9.99 for 500g. This unique formulas is designed to be the best possible protein before bed to support recovery and enhance muscle growth. So there you have it, our opinion in the great ‘Protein Shake Before Bed’ debate.