Protein For Fat Loss

04 Jan 2013
04 Jan 2013

Is there a best protein for fat loss? We get asked this a lot at THE PROTEIN WORKS™ and so we thought we’d write a blog post on it. So the simple answer is yes there is a best protein for fat loss. The more complicated answer is whey and casein have been shown to aid fat loss in different ways. Allow us to explain:

Whey Protein For Fat Loss

If choosing whey protein for fat loss, you’ll be pleased to hear experts have found this increases thermogenesis more than most other proteins. Thermogenesis is simply the burning of fat and it does this because protein generally requires more calories to digest than carbs and fat. In fact a study published in the American Journal of Clinical Nutrition set out to determine the best protein for fat loss and compared whey, casein and soy. Experts discovered the rate of thermogenesis was higher in whey and that the cumulative fat oxidisation was also higher. What this means is looking at thermogenesis, whey was the best protein for fat loss.

Casein Protein For Fat Loss

Often overlooked is casein protein for fat loss. Now what’s amazing is experts are actually able to directly find out why casein is able to help the body lose fat. They found as a supplement choice, casein protein for fat loss is ideal because of its unique amino acid profile and ability to keep you full. You see per 100g of casein protein has 5.1 grams of the amino tyrosine, to compare whey contains 2.5g. Now tyrosine is capable of helping certain neurotransmitters like epinephrine, dopamine and norepinephrine. Neurotransmitters are basically chemical signals in the brain and have been linked to focus and willpower, both of which are needed when dieting. One reason casein is the preferred protein for fat loss. Plus per 100g casein also contains 5.1 grams phenylalanine, again to compare whey protein contains 3 grams. This is an amino that’s been shown to help control the brain’s ability to know when it’s full and had enough. This therefore shows casein is actually scientifically proven to be the best protein for fat loss.

THE PROTEIN WORKS™ Protein For Fat Loss

At THE PROTEIN WORKS™ we stock whey protein and casein protein, so you’re able to purchase whichever one best suits your nutritional goals. 500g of Whey Protein 80 is as little as £9.99 and 500g of Calcium Caseinate is as little as £10.99. But for those looking for the nutritional benefits of the 2, we’ve created Diet Whey Complex. The best protein for fat loss, Diet Whey Complex contains a blend of proteins and combines them with proven fat loss ingredients. These include CLA, Carnitine and Green Tea Extract. It costs as little as £19.99 for 1kg and has been designed to be the best protein for fat loss based on sound scientific research.