From Mark, Nick and Karl - 8 Month Update

14 Oct 2013
14 Oct 2013 4 comments

Hi Guys,

On behalf of Nick, Karl and myself, I just wanted to check in and update you all on what's going on here at TPW™ as we attempt to catch our breath after what feels like a whirlwind first 8 months.

As you know, it was 8 months ago that THE PROTEIN WORKS™ was born and in that period A LOT has happened. From a Jaffa Cake protein epidemic that hit the UK earlier in the year to hundreds of individually named 'Create Your Own Formulas' leaving the TPW™ Lab (the names of many we can't repeat).

So we just wanted to take a moment to firstly thank everyone who has supported us from day one and been here for every flavour launch, competition or just thrown ideas around for new products until the early hours of the morning. You know who you are and it's massively appreciated! Also, now seemed like a good time to sit back and take a moment to reflect on the innovations we've unleashed on the UK sports nutrition market this year as well as hint at what might be in the pipeline in the coming months:

First to use all natural flavours and colours across an entire sports nutrition range

First to create truly innovative and great tasting flavours like Cherry Bakewell & Jaffa Cake

First to provide a full breakdown of protein types and inclusion levels in each product

First to offer free protein for every customer recommended to TPW™

First to launch a truly personal nutrition service with our Create Your OwnFormula

First to launch an all natural protein shake (Naked Whey) using steviaextract

First to develop a genuine Protein Pancake Mix

First to develop a 100% natural whey isolate flapjack bar (Whey & Oat Crisp Flapjack)

First to launch a protein smoothie with real fruit pieces (Whey Protein Smoothie)

First to engineer letter friendly pill bottles in sports nutrition

So that's some of the many innovations, but it's also been good to get such a fantastic reaction from outside the sports nutrition community such as:

1. Appointed Official Bespoke Sports Nutrition Supplier to Everton

2. TPW™ Website shortlisted for prestigious DADI awards

3. Top UK Brand on TrustPilot review site

4. National Press acclaim for our all natural flavours and colours

So what have we got coming in the next six months? Well, we've just cut our prices across hundreds of products as we continue to grow and are able to start buying in bulk and cutting our prices even further.

And for the rest, all we can say right now is if you think the last 8 months were decent, watch this space! As always, let us know what you think as the three of us are on the forums daily and will always be at the end of a phone should you want to get in touch.

Once again thanks so much for all your support!


Doing so well guys. Very exciting times ahead, I cant wait. TPW world domination.

Does it include the 1st or 2nd company to rip of my idea of customization which I did in 1998?

Alex Rogers

Alex you can't seriously be claiming to have "invented" making your own product...

That's like the first sandwich bar claiming to have invented making your own sandwiches.

Been looking everywhere for a natural protein supplement sweetened with Stevia. I am a health freak and gym fanatic and had previously been using MyProtein's unflavoured supplement as their others are full of Sucralose.

Unflavored protein is fine for drinking out of necessity but when you are adding to oatmeal or flapjacks etc during cooking you want a bit of flavor so I am very much looking forward to trying out the products I have ordered from you.