How to Get a Bank Loan

29 Aug 2012
29 Aug 2012

If anyone knows the answer to this question, please let me know!

Had a frustrating week trying to get a loan to start the business with but it seems no one is lending these days. Visited a number of banks with no joy whatsoever. Maybe need to drop a call into the dicks... Richard Branson and Richard Reed! The government offers support to new businesses from what I can see but doesn't appear that banks want to entertain the idea.

So after a lot of soul searching and conversations, I have decided to go it alone. It's really important for me that we are independent and not owned by a big faceless corporation. I really believe if we do this right then the customers will come. I believe in people and in products and once customers try what premium whey protein really should taste like, mix like and the results they get from it, they'll 'get' it.

I know from personal experience that exceptional customer service makes such a difference. It's not about messing up, because we all do that from time to time, it's all about how you fix things once they break. The Protein Works will do this better than anyone out there, even if it kills me! Thinking of a strapline along the lines of THE PROTEIN WORKS.... PURE | PERSONAL | PREMIUM