Glutamine Supplements Explained

05 Jan 2013

Glutamine Supplements Explained

Glutamine supplements are amongst the best selling at THE PROTEIN WORKS™. They are a great supplement for those who know how to use them. But for those who don’t never fear! Since we’ve written a blog post explaining the basics and how including glutamine supplements in your diet plan could help you in the gym.

Glutamine Supplements, What Are They?

Glutamine supplements are a form of glutamine. Glutamine is one of 22 amino acids and accounts for up to 60 percent of the body’s free amino acid supply. Whilst glutamine supplements are not considered essential to general health sports experts argue they are during periods of intense training. This is because glutamine is needed by every single muscle in the body and is considered one of the most important amino acids for muscle health. All of which is affected when training hard and so glutamine supplements can help support this.

Glutamine Supplements For Muscle

Glutamine supplements are used by athletes and bodybuilders due to its muscle saving properties. This means taking glutamine supplements prevents the breakdown of muscle. This is important for bodybuilders who are dieting for a competition but want to keep their hard earned muscle. One method glutamine supplements do this is by increasing the hydration of muscle cells.

Glutamine Supplements Used In Medicine

Lastly the benefits of glutamine supplements are considered so impressive that it’s even used in hospitals to counteract muscle loss in those who have just had surgery. Studies showed that those who used glutamine experienced less muscle mass loss than those who didn’t, even during bed rest.

Glutamine Supplements From THE PROTEIN WORKS™

When it comes to glutamine, THE PROTEIN WORKS™ have a range to best suit your needs. So firstly TPW™ GLUTAMINE is 100% pure and is available for as little as £7.79 for 250g. Or you can also get Glutamine Peptides, which is where the glutamine has been bonded to other amino acids to help faster absorption. These are available for as little as £9.49 for 250g.