Cheap Whey Protein

15 Jan 2013
15 Jan 2013

"Cheap Whey Protein at it’s Best" was a recent post on a UK bodybuilding forum. Now whilst this is obviously very nice to hear, at THE PROTEIN WORKS™ we don’t think of it as cheap whey protein. "Cheap" is not a word we ever user here at The Protein Works™. We only use premium ingredients and cut costs to ensure low prices to our customers, We call it 'Premium Value' and let us tell you exactly why.

Cheap Whey Protein The Truth

As you can imagine with the new VAT imposition on sports nutrition, people more than ever are looking for cheap whey protein. It’s a nutrition staple in any athletes’ diet. But realizing this, some unscrupulous companies in a bid to keep prices lows and ensure they can offer cheap whey protein have been cutting corners. This includes mixing the cheap whey protein with other ingredients ranging from soy protein, dextrose and many other weird and wonderful methods. This is why at THE PROTEIN WORKS™ we always tell customers to ask their current suppliers for an up to date Certificate of Analysis, which provides proof of the protein content.. This is also why we always advise consumers to check the nutritionals and ingredients on every product they buy.

High Quality Cheap Whey Protein

So to come back to the original point, at THE PROTEIN WORKS™ we don’t sell cheap whey protein, we sell premium value whey protein. To back this up we are 100% open about all our supplements and that’s why we provide the following information on all our protein products. Firstly a Product Profile that includes an overview of the supplements background including our location of manufacture, approval, and money back policy. Secondly a Product Testing page which includes an up to date Certificate of Analysis, which is proof of the actual amount of protein content in the product. Then lastly, a Protein Insight page which gives a breakdown of the quantities and types of protein contained in the product.

Cheap Whey Protein Or Premium Value?

So is it cheap whey protein or premium value? The answer is we don’t mind as long as you’re happy. And if you don’t currently buy your whey protein from The Protein Woks™, we urge you to demand the information listed above from your current provider. But if you’re thinking of making the switch like thousands of athletes already, take a look at our Whey Protein 80 (concentrate) £9.99 for 500g. Whey Protein 90 (isolate) £12.99 for 500g. Or our premium whey blends, TPW™ 100% Whey or TPW™ 100% Whey Advanced.