Best Whey Protein Flavours

22 Feb 2013
22 Feb 2013

In a very short space of time, our reputation for offering the very best whey protein flavours on the market today has been established. From the familiar whey protein flavours like Chocolate Silk Whey Protein, Strawberries 'n' Cream and Vanilla Creme to the audacious Jaffa Cake and much loved Cherry Bakewell. It seems all the hard work and time that goes into engineering the best whey protein flavours available anywhere on the planet is all worthwhile.

Best Whey Protein Flavours

So what makes our whey protein powder on a different level to everything else out there and simply the best whey protein flavours bar none? Well, we don't mess about with our supplements for starters. We have a zero tolerance when it comes to thickeners and fillers. If you only knew, you would be amazed at how many brands out there today use these things to improve the taste, texture and overall appearance of their whey protein powders. {C}At The Protein Works™ those things just aren't on the radar.

Finest Ingredients for Whey Protein Flavours

Secondly, to achieve the best whey protein flavours it goes without saying that you have to use the very finest ingredients. We aren't just saying this as marketing talk, we really do. We selectively choose the very best raw ingredients from reputable suppliers to ensure that nasties like thickeners and fillers aren't needed. Not only that, it minimises frothing and maximises your personal training goals and of course maximises taste. There's no magic in this, just like a Michelin chef, you have to use only pure, high quality ingredients. This costs more of course, but we always try to absorb these costs ourselves, wherever we can. So when you think we maybe a little bit more expensive than the cheap brands, then always remember the old adage that you do get what you pay for.

Natural Flavours and Colours in all Whey Protein Powders

Next, and most uniquely, The Protein Works™ believes in only ever using all natural flavours and colours. Once again they cost more, but if you want the best whey protein flavour shakes that have that wow factor and taste, well taste "real", then you have to use natural flavours and colours. As whey protein drinkers ourselves, we hate that chemical after taste you can often get with many brands.

Innovation to Create the Best Whey Protein Flavours

Finally, we throw in a large dollop of innovation from the team here who work the long hours and have an inherent desire to always be the best, and then you end up with some of the very best whey protein flavours for a fraction of retails brand prices. Innovated, formulated and manufactured in-house and delivered direct to your door for the ultimate in fresh, potent whey protein.

Good luck with the training guys and remember, you only get out what you put in. :-)

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We'd love to hear below what you think of our whey protein flavours so comment on which one is your best whey protein flavour and let us know if it hits the spot. And of course, if any don't then let us know also and we will get to work on improving them! Thanks.